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8 Law Enforcement-Ready AR-15 Rifles Under $1,000
Site: Tactical-Life // Writer:Richard Johnson // Published on 7/9/2015 ID: 87
Entry-level 5.56mm AR-15s built for quality without breaking the bank!
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Weekend with Windham, Rock River, Leupold and Aimpoint
Site: Soldier of Fortune // Writer:Lynn Kartchner // Published on 4/28/2014 ID: 61
Few things trip my trigger like getting boxes full of rifles and sights and ammo with instructions to assemble in various configurations and evaluate overall performance (translation: go out and play). Using free ammo to wear out other peoples’ guns while testing new and even prototype sighting systems in this day and age is thrilling, to say the least.
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Windham Weaponry Carbon “SRC” AR-15 Rifle Review
Site: Haus of Guns // Writer:EBBS // Published on 1/7/2014 ID: 36
That’s a mouthful. Then again saying “Windham Weaponry” while it rolls off the tongue smoothly isn’t quite as fast or nimble as when we used to be able to say Bushmaster. Doesn’t sound quite as tough either. But I’ve grown to appreciate the company and its employees through our evolving relationship these past couple of years and am pleased to be able to present another gun review for your pleasure on their behalf.
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Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC
Site: Tactical-Life // Writer:Jeorge Ammselle // Published on 12/28/2013 ID: 18
By now anyone in law enforcement or who follows the news has heard of the AR lower receiver built and successfully tested using a 3-D printer. This technology uses an additive process where a polymer is built up into the shape you want. Since the lower receiver is the only part that legally constitutes the “gun,” once you have that you can order the rest of the metal parts you need and build a functional AR. Under federal law, anyone can manufacture a firearm with no license or serial number as long as it is for personal use only and not sold or given away.
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Windham Weaponry SRC Carbon Fiber AR15
Site: Team Sootch // Writer:Team Sootch // Published on 12/16/2013 ID: 56
Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Windham Weaponry SRC (Sight Ready Carbine) Carbon Fiber AR15. From the tradition of the original Bushmaster Rifles, Windham Weaponry makes a solid, quality AR-15 rifle in both Carbon Fiber and Traditional Forged Aluminum Receivers.
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Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC AR-15
Site: Tactical-Life // Writer:Tactical-Life // Published on 11/8/2013 ID: 15
When it comes to LE patrol rifles, lighter is always better. This has been one of the primary advantages of the AR platform, due to its aluminum upper and lower receivers and simple direct gas impingement system with its requisite few parts. For a weapon that may have a few pounds of extra gear attached to it, every ounce can count.
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SNEAK PEEK: Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC 5.56mm
Site: Tactical-Life // Writer:Tactical-Life // Published on 9/7/2013 ID: 28
Using carbon fiber technology, which produces a metal lighter than aluminum, the folks at Windham Weaponry have managed to build a rifle many ounces less heavier than the competition’s. The end product is the Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC (Sight Ready Carbine), an AR-15-style, direct gas impingement semi-auto chambered in 5.56mm and weighing just 5.85 pounds empty. Writes Jordan, “The same rifle with an aluminum receiver lists at 6.3 pounds. The company has shaved off nearly a half-pound … If that doesn’t sound like a lot, try holding your rifle up to cover in a hallway for a half-hour while your team clears the rest of a house.”
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SHOT Show 2013 Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber AR
Site: FateofDestinee // Writer:FateofDestinee // Published on 1/17/2013 ID: 58
SHOT Show 2013 Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber AR
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New Windham Carbon AR-15 – SHOT Show 2013
Site: Haus of Guns // Writer:EBBS // Published on 1/16/2013 ID: 37
Our friends at Windham Weaponry unveiled a surprise new AR-15 rifle at SHOT Show 2013 today as we meandered back to their booth right after lunch.
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SHOT Show 2013: Windham Weaponry working on snow camo and new carbon fiber ARs
Site: // Writer:Max Slowik // Published on 1/16/2013 ID: 44
Windham Weaponry is working on a new line of budget-minded ARs built on carbon fiber receivers. We got a chance to handle one at SHOT Show minutes after they arrived at the expo.
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