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Site: Tactical-Life // Writer:Jeorge Amselle // Published on 12/8/2013 ID: 26
One thing gun-owners enjoy most is tinkering, and the more accessories and aftermarket parts that are available, the better. In terms of modern tactical rifles, none is more popular than the AR, and naturally it has more manufacturers making more accessories and improvements to tack on it. Still, creating a custom look for your AR, while not difficult, can stretch the mechanical abilities of some and the wallets of most. That said, there has been a growing market for factory rifles that go direct to the consumer with the more popular bells and whistles already installed
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Hunting With An AR-Platform Rifle?
Site: // Writer:Bill Waugaman // Published on 12/1/2013 ID: 59
AR-15, Black Gun, M16, Assault Rifle and Modern Sporting Rifle…these are all names given to describe one of the most popular firearms currently on the American landscape. Recent tragic events have brought this style of rifle front and center in emotionally-charged arguments in the media, in the political arena, by organizations, and by supporters on both sides.
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Windham Weaponry CDI Review
Site: OVOMagazine // Writer:Bill Waugaman // Published on 11/20/2013 ID: 76
A detailed review of the Windham Weaponry CDI modern sporting rifle
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Windham Weaponry CDI: Setting the Bar High
Site: Ohio Valley Outdoors // Writer:Will Waugaman // Published on 11/1/2013 ID: 60
Never having owned or ever shot an AR-platform lifle, I finally succumbed to the allure and decided to review a modern sporting rifle. The rifle chosen was built by one of the newest manufacturers in a highly competitive market, Windham Weaponry, localted in Windha, Maine.
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Gun Review: Windham Weaponry CDI AR15
Site: // Writer:James Reeves // Published on 8/21/2013 ID: 47
In 2010, prominent AR15 manufacturer Bushmaster Firearms announced that it was moving its manufacturing operations from Windham, Maine to Ilion, New York. This relocation came at the behest of Freedom Group, Inc., who had acquired Bushmaster (with a host of other gun companies including AR15 manufacturer D.P.M.S.) near in time to the announcement that operations would be moving.
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Windham Weaponry CDI AR-15 Review
Site: Haus of Guns // Writer:EBBS // Published on 9/4/2012 ID: 38
The AR-15 market is pretty well saturated. Can we agree on that? I mean there have been a lot of players for a really long time especially since the AWB was lifted in 2004. The door shutting on ridiculous magazine and muzzle restrictions coupled with the popularization of “building your own AR,” short barreled rifles and class 3 suppressors has made it possible for almost anyone to own an AR-15 style rifle at almost any price.
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Windham Weaponry AR15 Rifles
Site: Military Arms Channel // Writer:Military Arms Channel // Published on 8/28/2012 ID: 33
Windham Weaponry is a relatively new manufacturer of AR15 rifles. Windham Weaponry offers high quality AR15 rifles at a reasonable price. I take a look at the Windham Weaponry CDI and MPC rifles in this review.
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Windham Weaponry CDI Project Sneak Peek
Site: Haus of Guns // Writer:EBBS // Published on 7/31/2012 ID: 39
I typically don’t spend a lot of time on AR-15 reviews. I feel like these days many are a dime a dozen and save for some wayyyyy upper echelon models with rifles priced out of my range it seems like many builders are simply repeating history.
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Don't Fear the Darkness
Site: American Rifleman // Writer:B. Gil Horman // Published on 12/21/212 ID: 52
I was on vacation with my family in Yellowstone National Park this year when I received an unexpected phone call. It was Iain Harrison with Crimson Trace Corp. You might have heard of him. He’s that popular guy with an accent who won the first season of the TV competition series “Top Shot.” He was calling to see if I would like to participate in the first Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational shooting match.
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