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New From Windham Weaponry
Site: Shooting Illustrated // Writer:Jay Grazzio // Published on 4/27/2014 ID: 72
Featuring color-matched upper and lower anodized receivers, the rifles are not your typical black rifles. A touch of color and wood furniture may only be a cosmetic change, but if the intent is to have a rifle that stands out from the crowd, it’s something to consider.
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Windham Weaponry Varmint Exterminator Rifles
Site: // Writer:Richard Johnson // Published on 2/24/2014 ID: 46
At the 2014 SHOT Show, Windham Weaponry introduced the VEX (Varmint Exterminator) Wood Stock line of rifles. These rifles are designed for long distance accuracy and come with laminated wood furniture.
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Windham Weaponry Varmint Exterminator
Site: Tactical-Life // Writer:Tactical-Life // Published on 1/22/2014 ID: 24
For 2014, Windham Weaponry is producing a wood-laminate-stocked version of its well-regarded Varmint Exterminator rifle. The rifles all feature stainless steel, 20-inch, fluted bull barrels and Hogue grips. Three models will be available: a black anodized model with a black and gray laminate stock and handguard; an OD green anodized model with a camo laminate stock and handguard; and a tan version with a blonde laminate stock and handguard
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Who is Windham Weaponry?
Site: Haus of Guns // Writer:EBBS // Published on 7/18/2012 ID: 40
Good question, right? Probably not something that conjures up images of AR-15 glory days, law enforcement or military contacts or anything like that. Windham Weaponry sounds a little bit like a wizards shop that may be found in a World of Warcraft level or something where you buy potions and special creams for spells to turn your arch enemies into a skink. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if that was your first impulse. I also wouldn’t blame you if you slapped me for the W.O.W. reference, but hey we’ll get past it. Windham Weaponry is old Bushmaster.
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