Location: // Date Received: 5/1/2014 //ID: 61

Wish I was closer. The weapon I bought from you, shoots straight and true. I couldn't be more pleased. Pat on the back to your guys.

Joe Y.
Location: New Jersey // Date Received: 5/1/2014 //ID: 62

I just wanted to send out a Big Thank You for a 1st. Class operation. Everyone that I have dealt with has been courteous and knowledgeable. The quality in your products shines through. Also, Please keep the little projects coming in the emails, I look forward to them and have used some as well. Thank You Again.

Location: // Date Received: 5/1/2014 //ID: 63

Dear Windham Weaponry,

Just wanted to say y'all make a great product. I purchased the SRC and liked so much I decided to get a VEX. They have both work flawless. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable AR. Got my first coyote last week.

Joel R.
Location: // Date Received: 4/1/2014 //ID: 57

I just want to say thank you, I am a 31 year old Californian with really poor vision due to a hereditary disease. Since I purchased a Windham Weaponry AR15 I get a lot of compliments in the shooting range. People can't believe how accurate the rifle performs with the stock iron sights. I am so proud of being a Windham Weaponry owner, I'm actually knocking clay pigeons at 200 yards while handicap. Thank you guys, please keep your eye on the ball, quality over quantity =)

Rodney A.
Location: Kansas // Date Received: 4/1/2014 //ID: 58

Good Morning! I didn't know whom to send this email to so I am sending it to info@. I wanted to tell you my story. In the mid 80's I purchased a Colt AR-15A2 Sporter. Over the years I have watched and drooled over carbine versions of this popular platform as it evolved. I took note of the names I considered "major manufacturers" and paid attention to them. Of course, Bushmaster was among the most highly recognized and popular lines. My interest has peaked over the past few months and I began to seriously consider making a purchase. Having ordered from Cheaper Than Dirt in the past, I returned to look at their Tactical Rifle lineup. As I glossed over the brands they were carrying, my eyes keyed on a name I was not familiar with, Windham Weaponry. Out of curiosity, I went to your website and began researching. Of course I looked at your Product Line, then went to "The Windham Weaponry Story"..... I had missed or forgotten that Bushmaster had been sold and the changes that had taken place. I read the introductions for the members of the Windham Team and looked at your years of experience and employment in the shooting industry. I knew the fine reputation that Bushmaster had over the years but to see what Mr. Dyke had done to start the Windham Weaponry Company and work to rehire longtime, loyal employees sold me. Yours would be a new company, with a fresh start, fresh vision, experienced employees, a familiar environment with great leadership.

That recipe is always successful and produces fantastic results and equal fantastic products. Well, that sold it for me. I had already spoken with a licensed dealer friend of mine and had read reviews online, including a March 2012 article on your SRC in American Rifleman magazine. I have not received my SRC yet, having only ordered it 48 hours ago but I am anxious to take possession of it. As you (hopefully) can tell, I am excited but I really wanted to share this story with you from my personal viewpoint. Windham Weaponry truly is a Phoenix, rising from the flames. Yours is a story of vision, of American Capitalism at work, freedom and free enterprise. This is what has made America great in the past and what we so desperately need now in our nation. I would like to shake Mr. Dyke's hand and thank him for what he has done and the example he has given anyone caring to look at what success and determination is. I am a proud Windham Weaponry owner and proud to support your fine company with my purchase.

Chris K.
Location: Utah // Date Received: 4/1/2014 //ID: 59

Windham Weaponry, Thanks for the most recent newsletter, I look forward to reading it as soon as I can. I think it can be seen in the newsletter what makes W.W. an outstanding manufacturer, and leader in their respective field, it's the people that work there, they are the reason I have been doing business with this company from way back when they were "Bushmaster", this is just a slice of the America that I love. keep up the good jobs!

Martin R
Location: Maine // Date Received: 4/1/2014 //ID: 60

I have an MPC Windham Weaponry and love everything about it. It is a well built Gun plus the workmanship is perfection. Plus for the price you everything the other Guys charge extra for. The big thing is it is made in MAINE !! Thanks for a great product.

Location: // Date Received: 2/1/2014 //ID: 55

I have been a licensed firearms retailer for almost 34 years. I just became acquainted with Windham Weaponry in 2012. I have yet to experience a dissatisfied customer who purchased your product. In fact, the products have exceeded expectations of all my customers who have purchased them. Most of my customer feedback is verbal but I've enclosed the text of an email that I just received today. It was gratifying to read. I've been given the sender's permission to share it with you. (His reference to wind today is 25-35 mph with 45 mph gusts and his range is approximately 90 yards shooting with a quartering tailwind). Enjoy.



Dick, I gotta tell you, I love this rifle I purchased from you. Thank you for your assistance in selection. I would recommend you and this rifle to anyone.

I've just been outside, wind and all, shooting fragments of orange clay-pegions, not the whole piece simple fragments, from my bench, if you recall shooting from it and the distance it is set. The rifle could not be more accurate. I am not a proficient shooter, as you know. I have not done much shooting at all but this rifle would make one think that I have.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a shout and let you know again how pleased I am with this Windham and the red dot scope you set up for me.

Bob W.

Pleasant Hill, MO

Jared K.
Location: // Date Received: 2/1/2014 //ID: 56

I purchased a Windham Weaponry AR-15 two years ago (almost to the day) and this weapon system is just as reliable as the day I purchased it. I am a National Guardsman and Full Time Law Enforcement Officer on a Special Reactions Team and this weapon has my respect when it comes to accuracy, dependability, and maneuverability. All my internals are stock, I have purchased a rail system, red dot sight and that's a wrap. With the dependablity of this weapon alone I would not sell it for a million dollars. I've been around AR platforms for over the past 10 years, I have shot Colt, Bushmaster, Diamondback, Red Jacket Firearms, Sig Sauer, and various other platforms and shot against them in competitions and my Windham has always brought home the bragging rights. I even killed my first deer with it. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen, you have an OUTSTANDING Product! I would rate it a full 10 out of 10

Jesse G.
Location: // Date Received: 12/1/2013 //ID: 52

Hey guys,

Love my rifle - I'll never buy an AR from another company. Thanks for making this skeptical buyer a believer.

Evan M.
Location: // Date Received: 12/1/2013 //ID: 53

I really love my Windham, I have owned the SRC model for a little over a year and I have not found one single issue at all with this rifle! The quality of perfection is outstanding!! Keep up the AMAZING work and I do have to say I would LOVE to see a pistol, been anxiously waiting for that. :)

Thanks, Windham.

Harold S.
Location: Texas // Date Received: 11/1/2013 //ID: 50

I am a retired San Antonio police officer and had the good fortune to speak with Todd Coons several months ago regarding the purchase of one of your rifles. Todd had just returned from a Texas hog hunt so an immediate bond was formed. He took the time to explain the history of Windham Weaponry and professionally answered all my questions. I chose the SRC model and received it 21 days after placing my order. Todd was a great help and during this application and purchasing process, I not only became the proud owner of a fine new rifle but made a new friend too. I was more than pleased when I took my SRC (Texas compliant, meaning anything goes on our guns) to the range and shot near minute of angle groups with a Vortex Optics red dot scope. It digested bullet weights from 50 grains to 63 grains without a hitch. The SRC is everything I expected and more. Quality and accuracy are tops and I commend you for supplying us old 'law dogs' with a quality product.

Rocci N.
Location: // Date Received: 11/1/2013 //ID: 51

Sure hope this gets through, like to thank Erik for an excellent job done on the custom upper he put together for me. Couldn't be more pleased, now I'll have an excellent rifle for mid sized animal, such as Texas Whitetail, and Aoudads out to 200 yds, need yet to find 77/80gr hunting bullets. You folks can be proud of Windham, and competent people like Erik.

Chris T.
Location: Pennsylvania // Date Received: 10/1/2013 //ID: 47

I have had 4 different AR type Rifles since getting out of the Army. This past year I was visiting a local Gun Dealer and he had many AR's on the wall for sale, but only 1 AR-15 (WW CDI) After 45 min. of looking , I left the shop with it, and never looked back. I have fired a few thousand rounds out of it since then, and I have to say, the CDI is the best AR I ever had. The Newsletter is a Great source of information. I like the idea of the Gunsmith's tips as well. Keep up the great work and the HIGH QUALITY of Craftsmanship. Thanks

H. Wright
Location: // Date Received: 10/1/2013 //ID: 48

Thanks for the newsletter I receive in my email every month. It is one that I look forward to. I want to get my notice in to you guys that out of my AR platform firearms I own my Windham out does them all. Equipped with a Nikon P223 scope it drives tacks. Thanks for a quality product.

Location: // Date Received: 10/1/2013 //ID: 49

I receive a ton of product news letters but yours is the most enjoyable and the one I look forward to reading. I enjoy the family perspective. Keep up the good work. I do own your AR and enjoy the out of box accuracy without working up special loads. Wish you had 1 in 8 twist barrels for heavier loads at long distances.

Scott W.
Location: Idaho // Date Received: 9/1/2013 //ID: 42

I really enjoy your newsletter, and love my WW AR15! Congratulations to your new President, an apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and his Uncle's integrity is legendary!

Barry S.
Location: Colorado // Date Received: 9/1/2013 //ID: 43

Am having a blast with my Windham MPC. Put over 1200 rounds through it since I bought it in January. Just as good as any Colt.

Location: Virginia // Date Received: 9/1/2013 //ID: 44

Dear Windham Weaponry:

I just purchased the HBC Model R16A4T and am honored to own it. The quality and craftsmanship are superlative. It is such a pleasure to shoot - accurate, well balanced with a fit and finish that are truly excellent.
I have tremendous respect for the philosophy of Windham Weaponry. Your goal is to build the best M4 style rifle - and I believe you certainly do. When the original company that operated under another name was shipped out of state, you exercised courage, fortitude and ethics that are hardly ever seen in the corporate world.
Today, it is rare to see a company in America offering a 1st rate product that is not from China. Why did our politicians send all of our factories over seas and not bother to even come up with a program to replace the jobs that were lost? Why are all of our rights especially those concerning the 2nd Amendment under constant threat? It seems as if something is afoot which is very sinister. The guns made by Windham Weaponry may be the last defense between our freedom and another agenda which seeks to destroy the great country that our forefathers gave us.

What is it that really made America special? Many things perhaps, but the integrity of its people, their belief in freedom for all in this world and the quality of American products stand out as some of the most important. The rifles that you wonderfully craft are a symbol of American pride, honor and greatness.
This is the first rifle I have ever purchased and I intend to keep it for the remainder of my life. I have two very nice hand made violins from Italy. But your rifle stands along side my violins as those certain items I will keep for as long as I am alive.

Keep Going and Keep America Strong.

Location: // Date Received: 9/1/2013 //ID: 45

I have never owned a quality rifle such as this. I had my heart set on a Bushmaster and when told of the sale of the company to another manufacturer and how the Windham Company actually came about and who the employees were, that settled it in my mind. I walked away with what I thought of as the best purchase I could have ever made. I haven't had the opportunity to fire it yet, The particular model I bought came without sights, yet was made scope ready. After looking on the Windham site for a scope which I will probably only use for target, the scopes though made with excellence I am sure, are just a bit to pricey for me. I have always been told and I am a believer of YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ! I bought some sights for it but still in the market for a scope. I would prefer to own a Windham Scope to keep it all Windham quality however because I am on a fixed income it's going to be difficult. I would like to Thank Windham for staying in business with the same people that made the other company what it was. The owner who went into retirement and saw the former workers without employment has shown a personality of Greatness by starting this to benefit those workers who made his company GREAT. God Bless You Sir. It's a great story to have read. A man of Compassion for others. I feel good about having purchased this weapon for that reason only. I wish You, Your company, and Your workers many Blessings. I will build up your reputation to all I have contact with. Thank You to all of You ! I am well pleased.

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