Ron T.
Location: Pennsylvania // Date Received: 9/1/2013 //ID: 46

I have had 4 different AR type Rifles since getting out of the Army. This past year I was visiting a local Gun Dealer and he had many AR's on the wall for sale, but only 1 AR-15 (WW CDI) After 45 min. of looking , I left the shop with it, and never looked back. I have fired a few thousand rounds out of it since then, and I have to say, the CDI is the best AR I ever had.

The Newsletter is a Great source of information. I like the idea of the Gunsmith's tips as well. Keep up the great work and the HIGH QUALITY of Craftsmanship.

John L.
Location: Oklahoma // Date Received: 7/1/2013 //ID: 40


Thanks for the newsletter, I like it.

I recently bought the featured SRC rifle, got to say...LOVE IT! I actually tried to make it malfunction and that was clearly an exercise in futility.The dad gum thing is just perfect in every way. I've got a Sightmark reflex sight on it and it's just so accurate it's amazing. Thanks for making such an excellent rifle.

I'm sending everyone I know to the dealer in Broken Arrow OK. to check your stuff out. (Citizens Firearms)
Keep on keeping on, politics notwithstanding...

Barry N.
Location: // Date Received: 7/1/2013 //ID: 41

I have always wanted an AR-15 rifle. I have been shooting handguns for many years. I finally bought a WW rifle in November of 2012. Just in the nick of time! I must say I have since fired over 600 rounds without one single problem. I shoot anything I can get my hands on due to the difficulty of obtaining ammo. Luckily I was able to stock pile a good amount before everyone started buying it up. I have several hundred rounds of steel ammo that has worked flawlessly. I read about the difficulty of some rifles with steel ammo. I have not had one problem with this ammo. I want to thank you for building an excellent rifle. It looks great and I love taking it out to the range. It is very accurate, even with a novice AR shooter. Keep up the good work.

Darrell G.
Location: // Date Received: 6/1/2013 //ID: 37


Chris K
Location: Utah // Date Received: 6/1/2013 //ID: 38

Hello W.W. I was pleased to read your newsletter. I always look forward to see whats going on in that neck of the woods. I always enjoy Erik's tech explanations of things we can learn about doing small procedures to our AR rifles. It would be nice to be that capable and understand all he does about this great weapon. I was interested to see you add the carbon series to your line. I bought a carbon pistol from Bushmaster when they were still in Windham. They had that part of the operation in Lake Havasu Arizona then. I can't wait to see what your version looks like. I had Erik do some work on my carbon upper a few months ago. Glad everything is going well, keep up the good work. God bless our great country!

Daniel K.
Location: // Date Received: 6/1/2013 //ID: 39

Around February of this year I bought your MRC AR-15 at a local gun shop on the word of a friend who worked there. After looking the rifle over (it looked great!) I decided to spend my hard earned money on it. I am extremely satisfied so far. On the first trip to the range, I had the gun hitting bulls-eye at 100 yards, in less than 15 shots. After that, I put the gun through its paces, and it shot flawlessly. On the next trip to the range I was shooting with a large group of people around, again at 100 yards, there were probably 6-8 other ARs on the firing line. During the first target check, we all went down range and looked at our groups. There was particular interest in mine, since I was the only one of the line shooting through iron sights only. Looking around, I saw more than a few impressed looks. My grouping was identical to some that were shooting with multiplier optics. Then the obvious question came, "what manufacture are you shooting?" After telling them I had a Windham Weapons firearm, there was a little confusion, luckily I had brought the paperwork that came with my rifle and I let them read on it.

This was long-winded I know, but I would just like to say thank you for producing such a quality rifle, it is a joy to take to the range, every time!

Vince B. Maj USMC (RET.)
Location: // Date Received: 5/1/2013 //ID: 34


I just finished reading through my first WW newsletter. Nice job...!

It has the perfect balance of technical information and miscellaneous company news, my hat is off to the publisher.

It was also great to read about the featured employee, excellent write up.

Overall, perfect job. I look forward to reading the next edition.

Thanks for all you do and stay safe.

Jason S.
Location: // Date Received: 5/1/2013 //ID: 35

Hello Windham Weaponry team, I just wanted to let you know that your team builds a fantastic gun. I recently started shooting about three years ago and got hit with the bug pretty quick. About a year or so ago I bought myself your AR 15 model. I really wasn't too sure what to expect due to the fact that your company was new and I hadn't heard much about it yet. But let me tell you, I took it to the range and right off the bat I started hitting the target from 50 yards out. I didn't then and still have not had one problem with your gun, it shoots true and very smooth with little to no recoil. I just want to say thank you for building such a great gun.

Connelly H.
Location: // Date Received: 5/1/2013 //ID: 36

Hi, I just wanted to say that I recently purchased one of your SRC carbines. I filled my warranty papers out online. I just purchased one of your varmint exterminators. I should receive it in a couple of days. I'm new to the AR market and the story that came out I believe in "Shotgun News " last year sold me on Windham Weaponry, where Mr. Dyke started the factory back up and put you guys back to work. The way I see it, if he cared enough to go out of his way to help his former employees, he cares about quality. I've shot my SRC carbine approximately 50 times. The scope I put on it is at least 30 years old and not one of the "premium" brands. I was well pleased with the groups. Around 1-1/2" with some cheap ammunition. The carbine will probably shoot a lot better using better ammunition and me taking a little bit more time and using a rest instead of a wooden crate. I e-mailed Cheryl Eliason and told her how impressed I was when I read about your comeback. it is a remarkable story and one this country needs more of. She responded, thanking me for my comments and how excited everyone was, and how thankful everyone was to Mr. Dyke. Again, thank you Windham Weaponry .

Kevin K
Location: // Date Received: 4/1/2013 //ID: 33

Several weeks ago, I purchased a Windham Weapons AR-15 carbine from a local gun-shop owned by a friend of mine.My son and I were going over it and looking over the product literature and noticed that most of the employees' names and pictures were in one of the brochures.We thought this was "interesting".But that's not really what I wanted to tell you about.I really want to thank you all for simply being "approachable" and non-corporate.But in order to do that, I'm goingto have to relate another experience I had recently.

WAY back in June of 2012, I ordered some AR-15 parts from another fairly large company.I had NO idea that Windham even existed.Most of the parts arrived within a few weeks, but one (a full bolt group) did not.In October, I called them and they assured me that in two weeks the bolt would ship. I wasn't in a big hurry for the part, but mainly wanted to be sure that they still had my order in their system.Then, this past week I called them AGAIN.She assured me that it would be shipped in two weeks, and I told her that I had been "assured" before... back in October.

Immediately after this, I called Windham simply out of curiosity.There were no AR-15 bolts listed in-stock on the website, but I called anyway. I spoke with Matt Hasty, who amazingly enough was HAPPY to talk to me!He told me that there WERE in fact some bolts and that if I wanted to, he could send me one.At first, I was going to hold off and wait for the other one.But I'm just tired of messing with big corporate entities who don't care whether they talk to me or NOT.So I told him, "SURE!" ...and I ordered the bolt.

Yesterday, the bolt ARRIVED.THANK YOU!The bolt was for a rifle I built for one of my sons (a Soldier) and had been sitting NEW, but bolt-less for nine months.He was HAPPY to finally have a bolt in the

rifle!He was here on leave this week when the Windham bolt arrived, which was just a "plus" in my opinion. I'm canceling the order for the bolt with the larger company.

I'm certain that as word spreads of you being the former Bushmaster team that you'll grow.I just hope that no matter HOW big you get, that you can keep people who just seem to genuinely care.... people

like Matt and Cheryl.I'm glad I found out about your company. I'll check with you all FIRST the next time I need AR-15 parts.

Vernon L.
Location: // Date Received: 3/1/2013 //ID: 29

Outstanding newsletter! The articles are great and very instructive. I look forward to it each month. I purchased a WW-15 from a local dealer here in Houston several months ago and it is an excellent rifle, everything I thought it would be. I used to carry the M-16 while in the Marine Corps years ago and the WW-15 brought back a lot of good memories. I even remembered how to break it down and field strip it for cleaning. Keep up the great work! God Bless America and the 2nd Amendment!

Location: Utah // Date Received: 3/1/2013 //ID: 30

Hi again Windham Weaponry, great newsletter again. I enjoy seeing what other enthusiasts are doing. I also really like Erik's technical advice on basic gunsmith tips. Great section on trigger guard removal. Thanks for your professionalism.

Location: // Date Received: 3/1/2013 //ID: 31

Although I am a long time collector and shooter I just bought, as my first AR, one of your entry level SRC models. I have just received my first newsletter and I think it is great. I especially liked the clear and concise way you showed how to change the trigger guard as I plan on putting a larger "glove friendly" one on soon. I also plan on putting a Yankee Hill Machine free floating carbine length forend on soon and would appreciate some help with that. Thanks for keeping your great rifles made in the USA, and for putting out such an informative newsletter.

Location: Maine // Date Received: 3/1/2013 //ID: 32

I have an MPC Windham Weaponry and love everything about it. It is a well built gun plus the workmanship is perfection. Plus for the price you [offer] everything the other Guys charge extra for. The big thing is it is made in MAINE !! Thanks for a great product.

James T.
Location: // Date Received: 2/1/2013 //ID: 27

I work in Saudi Arabia. I was deployed to Bosnia and Iraq and carried an assortment of small arms at various times. Based on what I had heard and read about your weapons I purchased 2 Windhams when I was at home in November on vacation. One was a gift for my nephew and one was for me. I like it so much I am planning on purchasing another for myself. I have never done that with any other make except my Glock 17. Good job.

Location: Utah // Date Received: 2/1/2013 //ID: 28

Hello Windham Weaponry, just received my first newsletter email from you and I enjoyed the update on what's happening out and around. I recently had some gunsmith work done at your facility and I would like to tell you thanks for the professional and courteous manner you people all conduct yourselves. I'm glad you all got back together and continued on there with a great facility to assist us out here with our sport we love . take care, be safe and thanks again.

Steve R.
Location: Pennsylvania // Date Received: 2/1/2013 //ID: 54

I'm a new customer recently purchased my first AR15 and also pleased with its accuracy. I must say your newsletter is one of the few commercial type emails I enjoy reading. Thanks

Joseph B.
Location: // Date Received: 1/1/2013 //ID: 25

I have had the joy of owning one of your excellent weapons for over a month now. When I got ""her"" home from the gun store I broke her down for an initial cleaning and I have to admit I am EXTREMELY impressed with the fit, finish and all around craftsmanship that I see in this weapon. I served 23 yrs in the Army and have been thorough my share of M-16's and M-4's and this is by far the BEST AR that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. She shoots dead on (as long as I do my part). I'm constantly telling other shooters to buy one. "Keep up the great work!!! Now I need to start to look at your aftermarket add on's like the ambi-safety (I'm a "southpaw"). Thanks again for putting out a GREAT product!!!

Steve L.
Location: // Date Received: 1/1/2013 //ID: 26

After a very difficult time since the recession really hit my field a few years ago I finally decided to do something for myself. After doing without everything but the basics to survive for the past 3 years, I decided to treat myself to your SRC rifle. I wasn't expecting much since it was very reasonably priced, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I saw how wonderfully it was constructed and how well it fired. I cannot praise you enough for making such a great product. Please let all your staff know they are appreciated.

I wish I could show my support by purchasing more of your products but with the uncertainty of my career I can only promise you this: I will tell everyone I know how great this rifle is, I will let all my friends and acquaintances try it and I will post positive reviews on every gun forum that I belong to. Again, thank you for making such a quality product that a plebeian such as myself can afford.

Keith F.
Location: // Date Received: 12/1/2012 //ID: 22

I finally was able to get my wife to let me get a new AR platform rifle. I did not have any background on these rifles. Going to the local sporting goods store I looked at several different manufactures guns. I settled on the Windham M4 flat top simply because of age I need to have optics on my guns in order to shoot well. The M4 gave unlimited choices with no fixed front sight to obscure the optical sights but still having the railed gas block and able to accept an iron front sight is a big plus. The more reviews I read the better choice I knew I made the happier I became. Range day came I shot 40 rounds of .556 ammo off a mushy range bag for support at an indoor range at 100 yards It surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this AR and Windham and am looking forward to the next range day. I plan on shooting off a rest. Thanks Windham!

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