Location: Texas // Date Received: 12/1/2012 //ID: 23

Way to go guys. Very well done. Thanks for putting all of the information on the way the rifle works. I have an older Bushmaster and 2 Windhams. I appreciate the attention to detail on your firearms. I am a retired SWAT Sergeant so I have experience with AR's. Keep the newsletter coming.

Location: Connecticut // Date Received: 12/1/2012 //ID: 24

I bought my Windham because I love what Mr. Dyke started when the previous owner moved out of state. I was truly moved at what Mr. Dyke did and that's what made me buy a Windham and I have no complaints with thousands of rounds shot. I dressed it up a little with an EXPS2-0 and a G-33 magnifier and here are my results. Really can't ask for much better than that.

Location: // Date Received: 11/1/2012 //ID: 17

I finally made the second range visit with my M4. Soon after the first shoot the AR fever set in. All the little bits and pieces for the AR rifles made the light come on. I added a lower rail to the hand guard along with a bipod and brass catcher. Everything installed easily and worked perfectly no problems with ejected rounds getting back into the bolt nothing falling apart. I have seen articles that some ARs are fussy with ammo and aftermarket add-ons, the Windham seems not to have this issue. I have fired 5.56 and 223 ammo no problem. Next up a green laser on the lower rail? Com'on Santa!

Robert B.
Location: // Date Received: 11/1/2012 //ID: 18

Check out my SRC! Drives nails easily at 100 yards. You guys make one hell of an AR! Eats any ammo I feed it and has never skipped a beat after at least 2,000 rounds through it. Hopefully I'll be able to take care of some feral pigs soon and have a hell of a BBQ afterwards. Guys get that .308 out soon.... I'm patiently waiting.

Location: Maine // Date Received: 11/1/2012 //ID: 19

With hunting season underway, it only seemed fitting to highlight one of our youngest fans. Dawson Black, a 10-year old from Wilton, Maine (which, coincidentally is the home town of our Founder, President and CEO, Richard Dyke) shared with us pictures of his first deer, which he shot with a Windham Weaponry .223 SRC.

Dawson's father, wrote us:

Your .223 is a great rifle and has imprinted a lifelong memory for my son and I. As a ten year old, Dawson has enjoyed target practicing with it and shooting his first deer. As a father, I could not be prouder as it wasone of our happiest times between a father and son. To top it off, it is a gun that is made in the United States andbuilt in Maine,which was one of the main selling points for me. So thanks for a great gun!!
Jerry F.
Location: Missouri // Date Received: 11/1/2012 //ID: 20

I've only had my WW MPC for about a month now, and I just love it. This is my first AR15 and the reason I chose Windham Weaponry is because of their story and their goal. Another deciding factor for me was, when you purchase a Windham Weaponry from Cabela's, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to PVA-ORHF (Paralyzed Veterans of America) and I love that idea. I also love the USA Flag on the lower receiver and if that ever fades/wears off, I'm getting another one engraved on it. I have shot a few hundred rounds so far and I have been extremely pleased with my MPC. Thank you for such a great rifle and I love receiving your Newsletter.

Marcus A.
Location: // Date Received: 11/1/2012 //ID: 21

I just wanted to share a photo I recently took (RIGHT). I just moved back to eastern Kentucky and use my Windham HBC Marcus A's Rifle rifle as my self-defense rifle when roaming around in the woods. The matte finish keeps me from worrying terribly about getting it dirty or letting it rub against a brier. It's incredibly easy to carry around and has proven very reliable and rugged. Ever since I bought this rifle I've been recommending Windham Weaponry to all my friends who are looking to buy AR-15 style weapons.

Location: Georgia // Date Received: 9/1/2012 //ID: 9

Took it out to the range last week to see how the new rifle would perform. Perfect. Never missed a beat !

Ed C.
Location: // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 10

Just got the chance yesterday to try out my new SRC... dealer was out of Magpul sights when I bought it and had to order. Anyway... my son and I put 200 rounds through it yesterday. Great gun... glad I chose this one. Very accurate... didn't have to adjust the sights at all on an indoor range. I do need to adjust the rifleman's (me) ability. Lots of practice coming up. Also used both 5.56 and .223 ammo... no problems at all.

Randy B.
Location: // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 11

After spending several months together with my WW AR15 we got married last weekend. I love it. Will you make me a 1911 handgun? Please!!!

Location: Massachusetts // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 12

I really like how you guys send out newsletters to your customers. I bought my WW SRC about a month ago and I'm very happy with my purchase and the quality of the firearm.

With the newsletter I like how you had a Q&A in the first newsletter and think it's a good thing to keep going.

Location: Louisiana // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 13

I bought a VEX a few months ago. The hand guard wasn't aligned correctly so I called (a real person answered the phone) and spoke with Cheryl. She apologized and sent me a shipping label and instructions. I sent it and received outstanding and personal service from Eric Winter. I am keeping this story a whole lot shorter than it is but please know that I received such great service from them both that I bought my wife an SRC a month after the service I received from them. I have actually emailed Eric on several occasions with other questions and he responded right back. I have told this story to my family and several of my friends. My son bought a VEX and one of my friends bought a MPC. He had planned to buy different brand rifle. Thanks from some loyal new friends.

Mitch O.
Location: // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 14

Want to talk about customer service? Normally that brings negative connotations from most these days. I try to tell customer service specialists when they're doing a good job because it might be a rare occurrence. Well, I am going to tell you that and more. Recently I purchased a CDI. The first day I was able to get to the range it was raining cats and dogs. No worries, right? Well.... I had jams, misfires, and was lucky to get off 3 shots in a row. I was frustrated to say the least.

When I got home I was inspecting the weapon to assure there was nothing obvious causing all this. I noticed some friction evidence on the mag. I contacted WW and within what seemed like minutes Erik was in touch with me. Within an hour I was in touch with Cheryl and within 24 hours I was holding a new mag that had been test fired.

I made it back to the range again with the new mag, new ammo, a new rainstorm and let loose enough rounds downrange to let me know that the weapon is functioning perfectly. I was also impressed with the groupings with open sights.

Great weapon, great customer service and a great company for sure.

Location: Washington // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 15

Just sighted in my MPC (with the help of my wife) last night and was very impressed. Did a lot of homework prior to purchase and everything said "buy Windham..." boy, was that ever a smart move. You've got the bases covered, very fine weapon for the price, help with our troops (I have a son in the Army's Old Guard and a daughter in the Marines and they both love their M types) and lots of online information only add to our shooting enjoyment. Very happy with how wife and I shot at 200 yards after sighting in and we are looking forward to a .308 version...

Location: // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 16

Windham Weaponry is such a Great Company. I was trying to put a Single Point Sling on my AR15 when I ruined the Take down detent spring. I mentioned what I did in a review and I told Windham Weaponry that I could not find the part on their website. They offered to send me the part that I needed free of charge. I could not believe the company offered to do that for me. That is what I call Customer Service. I will be visiting their website more often. Not only do they have the best AR15 made, they have wonderful and pleasant people working for them. You cannot beat them. This company deserves to have a 10 star rating. Thank you Windham Weaponry.

Location: Georgia // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 5


I just wanted to take a minute to tell the team at Windham that you are building superb weapons. I just took my new MPC to the range and am totally pleased with the performance and features of the weapon. Thanks for what you guys / gals do.

Location: Oklahoma // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 6

Just purchased my first AR15/M4. After comparing many models I decided on Windham's SRC. Partly because of price, partly because of style, and partly if not largely because of the story of your company. It made me a big fan of your company and I am looking forward to many years of service from my rifle. I am new to this type of rifle and can't wait to get on the range and spending a couple of hours getting used to it. I'm waiting for the dealer to get handles and sights in for it so I can get them installed. Anyway... congrats to your company and all of you who work there.

Location: Arizona // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 7

I am a very proud owner of a recently purchased WW Ar-15. I love my rifle. I love the Windham story and hope the best for your company in the future. Glad to see your getting a 308 rifle going and please tell up the rest of the story on how you build rifles.

Thanks again for a fine weapon.

Location: // Date Received: 8/1/2012 //ID: 8

Normally, email newsletters that arrive here barely get a glance, if that. Yours got read. I really appreciate the people's photos it helps make it more personal. It's nice to know I'm dealing with real people.

Best Regards,

Location: Idaho // Date Received: 7/1/2012 //ID: 2

Your new CDI is very sweet! Will you consider producing it in .308? I love my Windham Weaponry .223/5.56 (bought from Cabela's), it shoots like a dream! I believe it is the Finest Quality Value out there! I have added some "tasty" extras to it. I really appreciate your support for our Beloved Soldiers! You are an Outstanding Company and a True American Success story! God Bless Y'all and Thank you!

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