Can you recommend a “universal” Front Sight Adjustment Tool?

The tool we sell on our website (Part # SIGHTTOOL-A1-A2 – $6.95) – works with both “5 notch” A1 and “4 notch” A2 Front Sight Posts as well as the flip-up sights with taller “ears” on either side of the sight post. The sight tool we currently offer will adjust all the flip sights we sell, and it’s probably tall enough to adjust any front sight on the market.

Will a polymer front sight melt during rapid fire on my SRC?

Our results with the ARMS 71 polymer sights are as follows:

We did a test simulating full auto fire (using a Slide Fire buttstock) and after 8 magazines (240 rounds) the front sight did indeed melt. But at this point, the barrel was so hot that the handguards were also starting to melt at the handguard cap (which is why they make specific handguards for full auto M16s). Wetook it to 8 mags as it didn’t appear to be melting before this. But as it sat, it melted more so it would probably melt before this point. So with this discovery, we definitely cannot recommend the polymer sights with extreme machine gun or simulated machine gun rates of fire.

However, we did a more realistic semi-auto fire test with another sight using 120 rounds (4 magazines). We fired 30 rounds in 15 seconds. Waited one minute, then fired another 30 and repeated this test until the 4 mags were empty. The sight did not melt or loosen. We removed it and everything was normal. So with normal rates of semi-auto fire, we can recommend using the polymer sights on our guns
with the front gas block rail.

What kind of handguards will fit on my rifle?

Any handguard designed to fit on a mil. spec. CAR 15 with a carbine sight radius will work on our rifle (see the Accessories section of our website for a variety of choices). To remove the existing handguards first remove the upper receiver assembly (make sure gun is unloaded!). Then with the upper against your waist, use both hands to pull the delta ring back towards you. Then tap the side seam of
the handguards on a table edge. They will separate and then can be removed.

What kind of scope mounts do I need to attach a scope to my rifle? The scope did not come with mounts.

Most scopes do not come with the hardware for mounting, therefore you have to buy the mounts separately. Any mounts that specify they are for mounting to a Picatinny rail or “Mil-STD-1913” will work on our rifles.

Will ARMS 71 sights work on my SRC rifle, and can I co-witness through a holographic sight?

The ARMS 71s will work fine on the SRC, and you will be able to co-witness with your holographic sight.

What kind of railed handguard do you recommend?

There are many different aftermarket options for Picatinny rail handguards. My recommendation for easiest installation is a two piece aluminum handguard with Picatinny rails. These are very easy to install by the end user and require no special tools – we carry them on our website. See the models from Magpul, Mission First Tactical and Diamondhead. This will allow you to install any of the various forend pistol grips on the market that mount to a Picatinny rail.