The Mission First Tactical EVolV 2.2″ rail allows you to attach a forward pistol grip, flash light – or any other item that mounts to a Picatinny rail – to your stock carbine hand guards very easily.

First make sure weapon is unloaded!

Then remove upper receiver from lower receiver. Remove handguards by following the instructions on Page 23 in your Owners Manual.

Remove screws from the MFT Rail Segment and note that one end of the rail is thicker than the other. The thickest end of the rail will go towards the front of the handguard. This difference in thickness positions the rail so its mounting surface is parallel with the bore. With a set of needlenose pliers, remove the inner heat shield.

Line the mounting screw holes up with two vent holes at the desired position in the handguard – them install the mounting screws.

Snap the inner heat shield in, and the mounted Rail Segment should look like this. You can mount the rail further back if you so choose.