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How to Purchase from Windham Weaponry  
Department Purchases

If you are a representative from a Law Enforcement/Government Agency looking for pricing on any of our products please use the forms below or contact us directly with your question(s) by accessing “Request More Info"


Individual Officers / Military Individuals

For a Quote:

  1. Fill out the Questionnaire for Individual Officer Rifle Purchase and fax (207-893-1623) or email it (le@windhamweaponry.com) to Windham Weaponry LE Department. You many also call us at 207-893-2223 for a quote.

To Purchase a Rifle:

    Windham Weaponry is proud to offer our LE Discount Program to all Active or Retired Law Enforcement and or Military Individuals. For any questions regarding qualifications please email me at Tcoons@windhamweaponry.com.

    Orders can be submitted one of the following ways: Snail Mail, Email, or Fax (207-893-1623) Please be sure to include all required forms needed to place your order.  If you do not wish to send your credit card information with the order, it will be up to you to call my office with the information (207) 893-2223.

    Ordering Steps:

    1. The credit card form below will need to be filled out and sent back to me (unless you have called with the information).
    2. The appropriate statement of purchase form listed below will need to be filled out and sent back to me.  If you are NOT sending a copy of the FFL with your order you will need to write the name of the FFL we will ship the rifle to at the bottom of your statement of purchase form
    3. Please verify with us that the dealer you are having the rifle shipped to has their current FFL on file with us.  If they are not on file or it has expired you will need to have them send a valid copy to us.  They can forward the FFL by mail, fax or email directly to me (with your name on it) at Tcoons@windhamweaponry.com

Required Forms: