Welcome to The Windham Weaponry Newsletter – Vol. 3 / Issue 2
February 2014

Marketing News Mark at SFGC
Mark Eliason, VP Sales & Marketing

Check out our new VEX Wood Stock series


This new series of Varmint Exterminator (VEX) rifles made its debut at SHOT Show, and features a unique laminated wood stock and laminated wood vented forend. The Pepper finished model with dark and light gray wood is featured in this newsletter. With the same ultra accurate 20″ stainless steel barrel and matched bolt of our established VEX rifles, this new wood stock model will appeal to varmint hunters who appreciate a traditional look to their firearms. Other models in the series with uniquely colored anodized receiver sets are in the works. They will feature wood furniture in other patterns. Keep checking our website for updates.

Take advantage of our “Tax Time” Sale! It starts Feb 14th, and runs until April 15th.



This Month’s Featured Rifle…
Windham Weaponry VEX Wood Stock Series – Pepper
A special VEX with a Laminated Wood Stock & Vented Forend



Model: Windham Weaponry R20FSSFTWS-1   Weight: 8.35 lbs.   Length: 38.1875″

Caliber: .223 Rem.


Type:  Rifle – Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System

Capacity: 5 + 1 – Ships with one 5 Round Magazine (accepts all standard sizes)

Receivers: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum –  Flat Top Upper Receiver


Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel – matched to barrel

Barrel:  20″ 416R Stainless Steel – Fluted – Mate Finished with Sling Stud on Picatinny Gas Block

Barrel Material: Precision 416R Stainless Steel

Rifling: 1 Turn in 8″ – Right Hand Twist

Stock /Forend: Laminated Wood – Pepper Finish


Pistol Grip: Hogue OverMolded Rubber Pistol Grip with Finger Grooves

Rear Sight: None – Ready for Optics of Choice on Picatinny Rail Platform

Front Sight: None – Ready for Accessory Front Sights 

Includes: Hard Plastic Carrying Case, Web Sling, Operators Manual, Transferable Lifetime Warranty


Erik at his bench
Erik Winter, Gunsmith



How to Install a Tactical Latch

First make sure weapon is empty. Push in pivot pin and open rifle. Remove bolt carrier and charging handle from the upper.

You will need a small hammer, 1/16″ punch, 1/16″ roll pin holder, paper clip, wire cutters, a block of wood (soft wood like pine), thumb tack and a wide punch. Wear safety glasses.

The block of wood should have a hole drilled in it to rest the charging handle over for when you drive out the roll pin. This hole will capture the roll pin.


Using the 1/16″ punch, drive out the roll pin from the back side of the charging handle. It’s easier from this side as the roll pin is slightly recessed there.


Now take the thumb tack and drive it all the way into the block of wood. Rotate it around a bit when you take it out to enlarge the hole slightly.


Then with the wire cutters snip off a piece of the paper clip approximately the same length as the pin on the thumbtack. For this I used a coated paperclip with a diameter of about .050″. One even slightly thicker would work even better as the latch roll pin size is about .063″ but this is what I had laying around my bench and it worked fine. You might find some other kind of stock available that will work even better.


Put the piece of paper clip in the hole just far enough so it stands firmly on its own. Not too loose, not too tight

Insert the tactical latch like so and press it into the latch spring in the charging handle visually lining up the hole in the latch with the holes in the charging handle.

Now place the whole assembly onto the block of wood pushing it down onto the paper clip through the pin holes in the charging handle. The paper clip will now hold the latch in place like so

Now put the roll pin in the roll pin holder and start the roll pin into the hole

Now take a wide punch and drive the roll pin home. This will drive the paper clip out and down into the block of wood.



Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager

We receive a variety of customer service related questions from our customers, and in order to better serve all of you, highlight one question each month.

This month’s question is:


I want to change the pistol grip on my Windham Weaponry rifle.  What will I need to remove the pistol grip screw ?




On our rifles with the A2 standard pistol grip and Hogue pistol grip, you will need a long 3/16th allen wrench to remove the screw.

On our rifles with Magpul MOE pistol grip you will need a flat head screw driver.



Karen Fogarty, Asst. to VP Sales & Marketing







I’m a new customer recently purchased my first AR15 and also pleased with its accuracy. I must say your newsletter is one of the few commercial type emails I enjoy reading.  Thanks.

Steve R.
Allentown, PA


I have been a licensed firearms retailer for almost 34 years. I just became acquainted with Windham Weaponry in 2012. I have yet to experience a dissatisfied customer who purchased your product. In fact, the products have exceeded expectations of all my customers who have purchased them. Most of my customer feedback is verbal but I’ve enclosed the text of an email that I just received today. It was gratifying to read. I’ve been given the sender’s permission to share it with you. (His reference to wind today is 25-35 mph with 45 mph gusts and his range is approximately 90 yards shooting with a quartering tailwind).  Enjoy.



Dick, I gotta tell you, I love this rifle I purchased from you. Thank you for your assistance in selection. I would recommend you and this rifle to anyone.

I’ve just been outside, wind and all, shooting fragments of orange clay-pegions, not the whole piece simple fragments, from my bench, if you recall shooting from it and the distance it is set.  The rifle could not be more accurate.  I am not a proficient shooter, as you know.  I have not done much shooting at all but this rifle would make one think that I have.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a shout and let you know again how pleased I am with this Windham and the red dot scope you set up for me.

Bob W.

Pleasant Hill, MO


I purchased a Windham Weaponry AR-15 two years ago (almost to the day) and this weapon system is just as reliable as the day I purchased it. I am a National Guardsman and Full Time Law Enforcement Officer on a Special Reactions Team and this weapon has my respect when it comes to accuracy, dependability, and maneuverability. All my internals are stock, I have purchased a rail system, red dot sight and that’s a wrap. With the dependablity of this weapon alone I would not sell it for a million dollars. I’ve been around AR platforms for over the past 10 years, I have shot Colt, Bushmaster, Diamondback, Red Jacket Firearms, Sig Sauer, and various other platforms and shot against them in competitions and my Windham has always brought home the bragging rights. I even killed my first deer with it. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen, you have an OUTSTANDING Product! I would rate it a full 10 out of 10

Jared K.


My name is Adam, I am a former US Marine, two tour Iraq, combat marksmanship instructor, gun nut. I wanted to pass on my gratitude for your hard work. I recently purchased an AR-15, (Second hand), and have not been disappointed with it. I have seen many AR-15 companies and those that are halfway decent, cost way too much. Windham’s are both great and affordable. I have been treating her like my old Marine issue M-4 and I wish the rifle The Corps gave me was this nice. If you need reviews, comments, feed back of any kind, I am happy to be of service.

A.R. Hamilton

P.S. I was having some fun with my roommate’s camera.





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WINDHAM WEAPONRY FEATURED PRODUCTS                                   

Matt H - Retail
Matt Hasty
Retail Sales Manager



JP Reduced Power Spring Set for AR15 / M16 Fire Control Group




Price: $10.95


This JP Reduced Power Spring Set, when used with quality mil-spec trigger/hammer

components, like Windham Weaponry parts and a good anti-seize grease can achieve a

usable 4.5 to 5 lb. pull trigger. For installation of these springs, simply remove the trigger and

hammer pins from the receiver, driving the hammer and trigger pins out with a plastic mallet

and drift pin. Then, replace the existing fire control springs with the new JP Set. Note that

one end of the disconnector spring is slightly wider than the other – make sure to insert this

wider end into the trigger so that the narrower end is exposed to contact the disconnector.

Similarly, because it is easy to accidentally reverse, make sure to install the hammer spring

with the “loop and legs”on the upper side, the same way the original came off. After the

trigger components are reinstalled and secured, apply an appropriate lubricant to the sear

and disconnector engagement surfaces. Optimal for this application is a good quality

anti-seize grease.




Windham Weaponry 16″ M4 Ban Compliant Crowned Barrel Kit for AR15 / M16

Part # KIT-BA16M4CRN

Price: $ 245.00

This premium 16″ M4 featureless Barrel Kit has the M4 profile turning, and a plain crowned muzzle to comply with Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey regulations. It includes all parts forward of the Upper Receiver including Barrel Extension (with M4 Feed Ramps), Barrel Nut, Delta Ring, Weld Spring, Snap Ring, Gas Tube, Spring Pin, M4 Double Heatshield Handguards, Front Handguard Cap, A2 Standard Sight Base with Sling Swivel (Less Bayonet Lug), Front Sight Post and Front Sight Detent. This highly accurate barrel is machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel, chrome lined in both bore and chamber for long wear and ease of cleaning, and Black Manganese Phosphate finished for protection against rust and corrosion. It is button rifled 1 turn in 9 inches – right hand twist for optimum accuracy with a wide range of .223 / 5.56 ammunition.




16″ M4 Ban Compliant Crowned Barrel (Barrel Only)

Part # BA16M4CRN

Price: $ 215.00


The same barrel above is offered as Barrel Only for those builders who already have the installation parts, or want to accessorize. It includes the Barrel Nut, Front Handguard Cap, A2 Standard Sight Base with Sling Swivel (no bayonet lug), Front Sight Post & Detent. This barrel complies with regulations in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey.




Todd C

Todd J. Coons, VP Law Enforcement Sales

What’s New in LE?


The year is off to an amazing start. We have begun to ship the new .308 with such amazing positive feedback.

I’m in the final stretch of preparing for my next armorer’s course to be held here at the factory on March 11th  & 12th. I do have a few spots still open, so please contact me if you are interested as I’m sure the class will fill up fast. Tcoons@windhamweaponry.com.

Shot Show was a huge success and I want to personally thank all of you that stopped by the WW booth and took the time to share your story about your WW purchase.

What’s new on the LE horizon? I’m currently working on an AR pistol that will be out in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that in an upcoming Newsletter.

I would also like to give a big shout out to Chief Guy Turcotte of the Glasgow, Kentucky Police Department, as he was the lucky winner of the Windham Weaponry rifle we gave away at the IACP in 2013. Congratulations Chief, it looks like it’s working out just fine.

Be Safe,

Todd J. Coons

VP Law Enforcement Sales    

Meet the WINDHAM WEAPONRY TEAM           


Featured Employee: Mary Galipeau, Compliance Manager

Mary is the Compliance Manager at Windham Weaponry.  She has been in the firearms business since 2002 when she started with Bushmaster Firearms in the Accounting department.  She then went into the Production department and onto Invoicing until she started in Compliance. She was excited to get the e-mail to come back to work for a new company.


Mary lives in Raymond with her husband, Rick, and her cat, King Rowdy.  She has 3 daughters, Courtney, Chelsea and Casey , a son, Robert, a grandson, Zachariah, and a granddaughter, Maci, in North Carolina.  She enjoys staying on her boat the BUMBLE BEE and striper fishing on her fishing boat the YELLOW JACKET.


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