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Caliber conversion with the Windham Weaponry Multi Caliber System
Site: Legally Armed America // Writer:Legally Armed America // Published on 1/13/2016 ID: 89
The Windham Weaponry Multi-Caliber System (MCS) is a ground-breaking new rifle that allows the user to covert between calibers by changing out barrels, magwells, and bolt carrier groups and utilizing the same lower and upper receivers. Here's a detailed video on the conversion process.
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Convert your AR-15 from 5.56 to 7.62 in one minute!
Site: Legally Armed America // Writer:LegallyArmedAmerica // Published on 11/19/2015 ID: 88
Finally. A true "multi-caliber" rifle is here. Sure others have hit the market with the label of multi-caliber, but Windham Weaponry's new MCS doesn't require a degree in mechanical engineering and an armorers tool kit to convert it. Here's a quick video that Paul did not even an hour after the MCS from Windham arrived. (It was done in his back yard!)
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