Location: Ohio // Date Received: 7/1/2012 //ID: 3

Thanks for the newsletter !!!! Really like my new Windham AR15. It's a blast to shoot and seems to be very well built. Looking for years of service from it.

Keep up the good work !!!

Location: Georgia // Date Received: 7/1/2012 //ID: 4

Took it out to the range last week to see how the new rifle would perform.Perfect. Never missed a beat !

Location: // Date Received: 6/1/2012 //ID: 1

I would like to thank you for making an affordable rifle with great quality. I purchased a Nato 5.56 flat top M4 from a local dealer - this weapon is amazing for the price. A nicely tight built rifle, it has made for an extremely accurate rifle. I have done few modifications to it, mainly comfort upgrades, EoTech, Quad Rail, the ones needed on any tactical rifle.

But when I go to the range and people ask to buy the weapon, that's a compliment.

Your product will be the platform for my next build.

Keep the quality high and prices low.

Thank you,


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