First make sure the rifle is unloaded. Then remove the upper from the lower by pushing out the takedown and pivot pins. Put the lower receiver on an AR15 lower receiver vice block and remove the upper rear stock screw with a flat screwdriver. Remove stock body.

Remove takedown pin detent spring from lower and set aside.

Remove buffer and spring by pushing down on buffer retainer and releasing the buffer and spring.
Remove both completely from the lower and set aside.

With the cutout portion of the tele stock wrench loosen the buffer tube but don’t unscrew it all the way. (If you are not using this style of tele stock wrench simply use an end wrench)
Before doing so make sure you put a thumb over the buffer detent to keep it from shooting out of the lower when you turn the buffer tube all the way off. Release the buffer detent and spring slowly and leave them in the lower.

Screw the tele stock buffer tube all the way in while holding the buffer retainer down with your thumb. Turn the stock in until it stops against the retainer, then back it off until it holds the retainer in, but isn’t rubbing on it hard. The buffer retainer should move up and down freely when you press on it.

Stock should be straight with the pistol grip

Reinstall takedown pin detent spring. Make sure it is square against the tele stock endplate and push the spring in then screw the castle nut up against it.

Tighten castle nut down snugly with the wrench. It is also okay to use a little blue Loctite on the threads to keep it from loosening. (Or stake the nut on if you want a more permanent installation. I covered castle nut staking in the May 2013 newsletter.)

Push the carbine buffer and spring that came with the tele stock assembly into the buffer tube and you are done.

To remove a tele stock and install a standard stock assembly you basically just reverse these instructions. The only thing to be mindful of is to back the castle nut off enough to remove the takedown pin detent spring completely before turning the tele stock off so you don’t damage it.