First make sure the rifle is unloaded, and push out the takedown and pivot pins to remove the lower from the upper receiver. Put the selector on fire and drop the hammer.
With a 1/8″ punch, drive out the hammer and trigger pins and remove the hammer, trigger and disconnector.

Now with a 3/16″ T handled Allen wrench remove the pistol grip. Be aware of the safety detent spring in the grip and the detent in the lower when you remove the grip. Remove the detent and set it aside so it doesn’t get lost and leave the spring in the pistol grip.

Remove the safety and drop the CMC trigger into the lower.

Insert the hammer and trigger pins and push them in flush.

With provided Torx wrenches install screws in the hammer and trigger pins and tighten down snugly.

Replace safety, detent, spring and pistol grip.

Function test to verify proper function. Check safety to make sure the hammer doesn’t fall with the safety engaged.

The CMC Drop In One Stage Trigger is available on-line or call Sales / Customer Service at: 1-808-855-1888