1. Verify your weapon is safe
2. Remove Bolt Carrier Group
3. Remove Firing Pin Retaining Pin
4. Remove Bolt Cam Pin
5. Remove Bolt
6. Carefully remove the 3 gas rings. They are not needed
7. Install existing Bolt into the New Bolt Carrier
8. Align Bolt and install Bolt Cam Pin
9. Insert Firing Pin and Firing Pin Retaining Pin
10. Remove existing handguards. You will not need them
11. Using a 1/16″ punch, remove the Gas Tube Spring Pin. You will not need it
12. Remove Gas Tube from Front Sight and Upper Receiver
13. Install Bushing into Upper Receiver using a military style cleaning rod
14. Install Piston Chamber into the Gas Port of Front Sight
15. Using a 1/16″ punch, verify the holes are aligned
16. Install the solid Pin included with the kit into the Front Sight
18. Make sure it is flush with the Front Sight
19. Take note of orientation of the Operation Rod flat part, it needs to be facing up
20. Install Operation Rod into Upper Receiver
21. Insert Piston into Piston Chamber
22. With flat part facing up, assembly both parts together
23. Install Operation Rod Clip into hole
24. Use a flat head screwdriver to secure the rod clip around the Operation Rod
25. Make sure the assembly moves freely
26. Install new handguards. DO NOT USE OLD ONES. They are different
27. Verify you can see the Operation Rod inside the Upper Receiver
28. Install Bolt Carrier Group
29. You are done!