First make sure rifle is unloaded!

Then remove upper from lower. Now drive out the hammer and trigger pins to remove hammer, trigger and disconnector. Then unscrew and remove pistol grip screw and carefully remove being sure not to lose the safety detent or spring. Note orientation of detent for reinstallation later. Remove safety selector.

Included is a bottom plate that is optional. It’s primarily for carbon fiber lowers so the tensioning screws don’t crack the lower. But there’s really no reason not to install it as it will keep the tensioning screws from marring the finish on the inside of the aluminum lowers as well.

Make sure the tensioning screws are even with the bottom of the assembly on both sides and drop the trigger in.

Install pins and safety selector. It’s important to install the safety selector before securing the tensioning pins as it will not go in after tightening them down.

Now tighten the tensioning screws evenly on both sides tightening each side ¼ turn each until the screws are snug and the hammer/trigger pins are secure. Then install the locking screws on top of the tensioning screws to keep them from backing out.

Also note there is a trigger pull weight adjustment screw in the rear of the assembly which allows you to adjust the weight of the pull. Clockwise makes it heavier, counter clockwise makes it lighter. If it is adjusted too heavy the trigger won’t pull, if it is adjusted too light the disconnector won’t release.

The Elftmann Tactical Drop In Trigger is available on-line or call Windham Weaponry Sales / Customer Service at: 1-808-855-1888