First make sure the rifle is unloaded!

If you need a good option for back up iron sights but have no room for conventional sights because of your scope set up, the Diamondhead D-45 sights may be just what you need.

With these sights you can flip them out and aim down the side of the rail of your rifle rather than on top in the conventional way.

You just screw them on to the front and the back in the appropriate locations, and then push the little switch on the sight base to deploy. They flip out and up all in one quick motion. This way if you are trying to hit a target closer in than you are able to pick up easily with the scope, you can easily flip the iron sights out for this application. Also if your scope becomes damaged in the field you now have a very important back up sighting rig.

This set will work on both a long railed handguard on the same plane as the upper, or on our SRC models with the same plane gas block up front.

The Diamondhead D-45 45 degree Off-set Sight Set call Sales / Customer Service at: 1-808-855-1888.