To install rail, first verify that the rifle is unloaded. Then push the takedown and pivot pins out and remove the upper from the lower receiver. Remove handguards per the instruction on page 23 of your operator’s manual.

With a pair of needle nosed pliers remove the inner heat shield from the handguard.

Place rail in the desired location on the handguard. There are three possible locations you can place it.

Place the rail nuts inside the handguard and tighten the screws into them with the Allen wrench provided with the rail kit. There are two lengths of screws. For our stock M4 handguards you will want to use the short screws. You can also use a little blue Loctite on these screws as well to make sure they don’t back out.

You can replace the inner heat shield if desired or leave it out. It is optional. If you put it back in it may be necessary to stake it into place by the plastic tabs or melt the tabs so it stays in place.

Reinstall handguards on rifle.

This rail is an easy and economical way to allow the mounting of a forward pistol grip, flashlight, bipod mount or any other accessory that will mount to a MIL-STD-1913 rail on your rifle.

Midwest Industries 4″ Handguard Rail in our website catalog