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Welcome to The Windham Weaponry Newsletter – Issue 1 / Vol. 6
November 2012


From the onset, Windham Weaponry has had one goal: to build the finest AR-type rifles in the country.  We have reassembled a team of the finest firearms people in the USA, who offer many years of experience in the industry and have built “America’s rifle” for literally two decades.

We are so sure of the quality of our rifles that we back them up with a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty. We all look forward to working with you, to serving your needs and to building you a great rifle.

We welcome you and encourage you to give us feedback about what you’d like to hear and see from Windham Weaponry. Please feel free to contact us through, or  We’d love to hear from you!

Shoot Safely and Take Care…

The Windham Weaponry Team

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Just in time for the Gift Giving Season!


Windham Weaponry is offering Gift Certificates – just in case you’re not quite sure what the firearms enthusiast in your life wants. 

Call us Toll Free (1-855-808-1888) to purchase, or they’ll be available on-line shortly. 



Season’s Greetings!


Mark E Newsletter


Mark Eliason

VP of Sales & Marketing

Windham Weaponry attended the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers show in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month. This is where we presented our 2013 product line to our distributors, and we will be showing the new product line at SHOT Show in January. Additionally, Windham Weaponry will be continuing to expand its product line throughout 2013.


Mark at NASGW

A Carbine Designed for Compliance and Performance… 
The Windham Weaponry MPC-NY – for the States of NY / NJ / MA / CT


MPC-NY Compliant Rifle


This Carbine complies with the regulations for legality in those States.

Model: MPC-NY (Designation: R16M4A4PT-NY)

Caliber: .223 Rem. / 5.56mm NATO


Type:  Rifle – Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System

Capacity: 10 + 1 ( ships with one 10 Round Magazines)

Receiver:  M4A4 Type Flat Top Upper Receiver with A4 Detachable Carry Handle


Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel – Magnetic Particle and High Pressure Tested

Barrel:  16″ M4 Profile, Chrome Lined with Compliant Welded Muzzle

Barrel Material: Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel

Rifling:  1 Turn in 9″ – Right Hand Twist

Sights: Rear: Dual Aperture Elevation and Windage Adjustable: 300 – 600 Meters

              Front: Adjustable Height Square Post in A2 Standard Base

Includes: Hard Plastic Case, Web Sling, 10 Rd. Magazine, Operators Manual, Lifetime Transferable Warranty




EDITOR’S NOTE:  Last month’s column indicated Maryland as a ban state.  Maryland is not a ban state, but does have a magazine restriction. Only magazines with capacity of 20 rounds or less are legal in that State. We apologize for the error. 


FROM THE GUNSMITH’S BENCH         Erik at his bench
Erik Winter, Gunsmith
TOPIC:  Inside the WW-15

The vast majority of AR15 shooters have a good idea about how the weapons work, but for those of you that might like a clearer view, here’s a look inside with some explanations of what goes on.

First here is the gas port coming out of the barrel and into the gas block. When a round is fired and the bullet passes the port, the hot gasses enter the port and then into the gas tube.

Gas Path from Bbl

The hot gasses travel down the gas tube entering the gas key on top of the bolt carrier. Through a port in the carrier, the gasses blow into the area at the back of the bolt itself. This forces the carrier backwards away from the bolt. As the carrier moves backwards the cam pin that goes into the bolt through it, slides in a notch that forces the bolt to rotate. This rotates and unlocks the bolt after the pressure of the fired round has dropped with the bullet exiting the bore. This allows the carrier to continue its backward motion to the rear stopping when it goes as far back as it can against the buffer and spring. The empty case is simultaneously extracted and ejected from the gun and the carrier moves back forward under tension of the buffer spring, stripping a fresh round from the magazine and chambering it into battery.

This photo shows the carrier compressing the buffer and spring all the way to the rear.

Carrier Path to rear

Inside the receiver, this photo shows what the hammer and trigger positions look like when the bolt is locked to the rear. When the gun is fired and the hammer comes back, the disconnector engages the hook on the back of the hammer holding it back. When the trigger is released it drops off of the disconnector and stops on the sear which is on the trigger at the sear notch in the hammer. This makes it so the gun can only be fired one shot at a time or in “semi-auto” only.

Receiver Details

And this is where the forward assist pawl engages the notches in the bolt carrier assembly. If the weapon does not go fully into battery when chambering a round, pushing the forward assist helps the carrier forward to send the bolt all the way into battery.

Fwd Assist Detail

Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager

I receive a variety of customer service related questions from our customers, and in order to better serve all of you, I will begin highlighting one question each month.

This month’s question is:

I didn’t receive a warranty card with my new rifle. How do I activate the warranty?

Answer:   There are 3 easy ways to activate your Warranty:

1.  Submit electronically:

 Go online to our website and click on Warranty Registration. Here is the link:

2.  Print the form, fill it out and mail it.

Mail to:                  Windham Weaponry, Inc.

                             P.O. Box 1900

                             Windham, Maine  04062

3.  By telephone:  Call Sales/Customer Service Toll Free:  1-855-808-1888


Karen Fogarty, Asst. to VP of Sales & Marketing







I finally made the second range visit with my M4. Soon after the first shoot the AR fever set in. All the little bits and pieces for the AR rifles made the light come on. I added a lower rail to the hand guard along with a bipod and brass catcher. Everything installed easily and worked perfectly no problems with ejected rounds getting back into the bolt nothing falling apart. I have seen articles that some ARs are fussy with ammo and aftermarket add-ons, the Windham seems not to have this issue. I have fired 5.56 and 223 ammo no problem. Next up a green laser on the lower rail? Com’on Santa!

Thanks –  Keith


Check out my SRC! Drives nails easily at 100 yards. You guys make one hell of an AR!  Eats any ammo I feed it and has never skipped a beat after at least 2,000 rounds through it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of some feral pigs soon and have a hell of a BBQ afterwards. Guys get that .308 out soon…. I’m patiently waiting.

Thanks!  Robert B.

Robert B's SRC


With hunting season underway, it only seemed fitting to highlight one of our youngest fans.  Dawson Black, a 10-year old from Wilton, Maine (which, coincidentally is the home town of our Founder, President and CEO, Richard Dyke) shared with us pictures of his first deer, which he shot with a Windham Weaponry .223 SRC.  

Dawson’s father, wrote us:


Your .223 is a great rifle and has imprinted a lifelong memory for my son and I.  As a ten year old, Dawson has enjoyed target practicing with it and shooting his first deer.  As a father, I could not be prouder as it was one of our happiest times between a father and son. To top it off, it is a gun that is made in the United States and built in Maine, which was one of the main selling points for me.  So thanks for a great gun!!


Dawson - Hunting with a Windham Weaponry SRC Dawson's 1st Deer


We are proud to be a part of youth hunting and shooting, and appreciate Dawson sharing his story with us.  

Congratulations, Dawson!


I’ve only had my WW MPC for about a month now, and I just love it. This is my first AR15 and the reason I chose Windham Weaponry is because of their story and their goal. Another deciding factor for me was, when you purchase a Windham Weaponry from Cabela’s, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to PVA-ORHF (Paralyzed Veterans of America) and I love that idea. I also love the USA Flag on the lower receiver and if that ever fades/wears off, I’m getting another one engraved on it. I have shot a few hundred rounds so far and I have been extremely pleased with my MPC. Thank you for such a great rifle and I love receiving your Newsletter.  Sincerely, Jerry F., St. Charles, MO


I just wanted to share a photo I recently took (RIGHT). I just moved back to eastern Kentucky and use my Windham HBC Marcus A's Rifle rifle as my self-defense rifle when roaming around in the woods.  The matte finish keeps me from worrying terribly about getting it dirty or letting it rub against a brier. It’s incredibly easy to carry around and has proven very reliable and rugged. Ever since I bought this rifle I’ve been recommending Windham Weaponry to all my friends who are looking to buy AR-15 style weapons.

Marcus A.



For Newsletter comments or suggestions, contact:



Matt H - Retail
Matt Hasty
Retail Sales Manager





PRICE: $219.95


This drop-in .22 LR Conversion System comes completely assembled and ready to install in any AR-15 / M16. No gunsmithing or permanent alterations to your rifle are required – it uses your factory upper receiver, barrel, fire control system, buffer and spring. Installation is a simple matter of replacing the bolt and carrier with the CMMG conversion unit, closing the receivers, and loading up the included magazine with high-velocity round-nose .22 LR ammo. These kits are test fired to ensure correct function, and are precision machined from high-grade stainless steel and brass to highest standards for proper fit in any mil. spec. .223 / 5.56 mm rifle or carbine. One gray polycarbonate 25 round magazine is included which features a self-lubricating anti-tilt follower and constant-force spring to help ensure reliable feeding (additional mags available on this website). Using a .22 Conversion Kit will save you a significant amount of money on ammunition and help hone your shooting skills. Made by CMMG in the USA. Due to State regulations this magazine cannot be shipped to California, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York.

.22 Conversion Kit

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PRICE: $19.95

Buy spare magazines to accompany your CMMG .22 LR Conversion Kit and save a significant amount of money on ammunition while sharpening your shooting skills. Molded of gray polycarbonate, these high quality 26 round magazines feature a self-lubricating anti-tilt follower and constant-force spring to ensure reliable feeding. Use of high-velocity round-nose .22 LR ammo is recommended. Made by CMMG in the USA. Due to State regulations this kit cannot be shipped to California, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York.

  .22 Conversion Magazine

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Todd C

Todd J. Coons, Law Enforcement Sales Manager

To say this is an exciting time for us here at Windham Weaponry would be an understatement. The Law Enforcement side of the business has really taken off.

From Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Municipal Officers and even Government Agents, WW Law Enforcement is now in 32 States!  It’s clear the WW word is spreading to departments around the country.

I would like to take a moment and talk about our line of SBRs (Short Barrel Rifles).  I have recently introduced the 11.5″ SBR into production for departments. The 11.5″ will come standard with the fiberglass hand guard and can be ordered in the same configuration as our MPC, MPC-RF, as well as the SRC.  The 11.5″, like all of our rifles, is currently only produced in semi-auto .223/5.56 cal.

I have been asked by officers all around the country if they could purchase an SBR and the answer is “maybe”. I don’t think I have enough space in this newsletter to go into great detail on the process involved in getting the approval to purchase a SBR as an individual, but I will sum it up.

First, it must be legal for you to own a SBR in your state, as there are several states where it is not. Second, you will need to speak to your local Police Chief, Sheriff or State Police Colonel and ask if they will allow you to make this purchase. If they say they will not sign off on you owning a SBR, you can stop right there because if he/she will not allow this to happen, you CANNOT move forward. If you get the green light, you must then fill out a Form 4 for the ATF. The Form 4 can be found on the ATF website. The form itself is a bit complicated and you will also need 2 passport style photos to go with the form. There is also an additional fee you must pay of $200 to the ATF when you submit the form for approval. If you are denied by the ATF, you are out the $200. Now comes the hurry up and wait because it can take between 4-6 months to get the approval or denial from the ATF. So, for most out there, the time and extra cost associated with trying to own a SBR is just not worth it.

I’m already looking forward to next month as we are going to be introducing another new line for LE and I really think you will love it.


Be Safe and Have a Great Thanksgiving,

Todd J. Coons


Featured Employee: WARREN DYKE, Vice President, Production PlanningWarren Dyke


Warren Dyke grew up in the small town of Wilton, Maine. He attended college and earned his degree in Vermont where he studied Architecture and Building Engineering and later earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Southern Maine. In 2007, after a considerable career as a Project Manager for the paper industry handling multi-million dollar assignments, it was time to open a new chapter and Warren began working with Mr. Richard Dyke. Warren is Vice President of Production Planning at Windham Weaponry.

Outside of professional interests, Warren enjoys the ever changing seasons and activities of Maine from hunting, fly fishing and golfing to snowmobiling and skiing during the winter months. He currently resides in the town of Turner with his wife and their son.


Warren Dyke - Trout Fishing
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