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Welcome to The Windham Weaponry Newsletter – Vol. 2 / Issue 7
July 2013

Windham Weaponry Elects New President


Warren E. Dyke named President of Windham WeaponryWW President Warren Dyke

Richard E. Dyke, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Windham Weaponry, Inc. was proud to announce the election of Warren E. Dyke as Windham Weaponry’s new President at the company’s Board of Directors Meeting held June 18, 2013. Windham employees, who were in attendance for the announcement, gave a resounding round of applause for Warren as the company’s new President and cheered the news of Warren’s election by the Board of Directors – both an indication of his popularity and in recognition of his contribution to Windham Weaponry’s success.

Warren has worked for Windham Weaponry since its inception in June 2011 as Vice President of Production Planning, and has been instrumental in the company’s phenomenal growth.  Windham Weaponry produces semi-automatic rifles. Windham Weaponry also has a facility in Phoenix, Arizona, where a Carbon Fiber model of the rifle is manufactured along with components for rifle production at both locations.

Greeting Warren WW Group Photo


Warren is shown above left greeting WW employees after the announcement of his promotion. By his side are his wife, Monique, and son, Ben.

Marketing News  

Mark Eliason, VP of Sales & Marketing Mark E Newsletter


Windham Weaponry’s 2nd Anniversary celebrated with a Pig Roast


150 lbs. of delicious roast pork makes a great way to celebrate!

It only took a minute for Windham Weaponry’s Chairman & CEO, Richard E. Dyke, to make an executive decision when he saw Mark Eliason’s “Chew-Chew Train”!

Mark has always been a train buff, so when this custom made pig roaster/smoker came up for sale, he snapped it up, and Dick said “we’re putting it to use to prepare a Pig Roast for all employees at our Quarterly Meeting/2nd Anniversary Celebration”.
It took more than 7 hours to roast the 150 pound pig, who Mark named Unlucky, but the result was delicious. Potato salad, pasta salad, corn on the cob, garden salad and strawberry shortcake rounded out the feast.

Chew Chew Train

 Pig in the Roaster Gathering for Pig Roast

                    In The Hall of Flags

We do send apologies to our Phoenix Crew who could only attend via video conference – making it a “virtual pig roast” for them. Even though we couldn’t share a taste directly, we always appreciate the great Carbon Fiber rifles and other fine parts they build.


SHOOT SAFELY, and enjoy your summer!


As always, your feedback is welcome.  Please feel free to send us photos of how you enjoy your Windham Weaponry rifle. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us through www.windhamweaponry.com or newsletter@windhamweaponry.com.  Thanks from everyone at….

WW Logo Horizontal

This Month’s Featured Rifle…
Windham Weaponry SRC-CA – California Compliant Model


SRC-CA Featured Rifle


Model: Windham Weaponry R16M4FTT-CA       Weight: 6.3 lbs.     Length: 36.125″ (32.375″ w. Tele Collapsed)

Caliber: 5.56mm / .223 Rem.


Type:  Rifle – Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System

Capacity: 10 + 1 (10 Round Compliant Magazine & Bullet Button)

Receivers: Aluminum –  M4A4 Type Flat Top Upper Receiver 


Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel

Barrel:  16″ M4 Profile, Chrome Lined with A2 Flash Suppressor

Barrel Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel with M4 Feed Ramps

Rifling: 1 Turn in 9″ – Right Hand Twist

Stock: 6 Position Telescoping Buttstock with Windham Weaponry Logo and Sling Swivel

Forend / Pistol Grip: M4 Double Heat Shield Handguards / A2 Black Plastic Pistol Grip

Rear Sight: None – Ready for optics or other type accessory sights 


Front Sight: None – Picatinny Rail Gas Block – Ready for accesspry sights

Includes: Hard Plastic Case, Web Sling, 30 Rd. Magazine, Operators Manual, Lifetime Transferable Warranty


Erik at his bench
Erik Winter, Gunsmith
TOPIC: Installing a Tactical End Plate on a Telestock



Make sure weapon is unloaded! 

Push takedown and pivot pins out and remove lower from upper receiver. Remove buffer and spring from lower by pushing the buffer retainer down and pulling them out of the buffer tube (as shown on page 25 in your owner’s manual).

Put lower receiver in a magazine well vise block and loosen castle nut with a properly fitting telestock wrench. Twist buffer tube clockwise slightly and remove takedown pin spring.

Gunsmithing 1

   Gunsmithing 2

 Hold buffer retainer down and unscrew buffer tube. Slowly release the buffer retainer and leave it in its hole in the receiver. If you don’t hold the retainer when unscrewing the tube the buffer retainer and spring will shoot out of the hole and can become lost.

Gunsmithing 3  Gunsmithing 4

Unscrew the buffer tube all the way out of the lower receiver and remove the stock endplate. Slide the tactical endplate on in its place with the raised area up as shown.

Gunsmithing 5 Gunsmithing 6

Screw buffer tube back into the receiver. Hold buffer retainer down and screw the tube in all the way until it stops against the retainer post, then back it off one turn. Insert takedown pin spring back into the hole in the back of the receiver.


  Gunsmithing 7  

Turn stock so it is straight and press the endplate up against the receiver compressing the spring straight back into the hole. Screw castle nut up against the endplate.

  Gunsmithing 9

Re-tighten castle nut and replace buffer and spring.

Gunsmithing 10   Gunsmithing 11

Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager

We receive a variety of customer service related questions from our customers, and in order to better serve all of you, highlight one question each month.

This month’s question is:


Is my rifle used? What are the marks on the brass deflector on my new rifle?  Is this normal ?

Brass on Deflector


We test fire all of our rifles and uppers for function before they leave here.  The marks you see are from the test ammo hitting the brass deflector. The photo shown is after 10 rounds. Ejection paths can vary a little bit so on some guns you will get more marks than on others. We have found that the Tactical Advantage we sell seems to do a decent job removing brass marks.  Another suggestion is to put a square of Velcro on there. If you want to remove the Velcro all you have to do is remove any glue residue with a solvent and the brass deflector should look untouched.


Karen Fogarty, Asst. to VP of Sales & Marketing








We really enjoy and appreciate the emails, comments and pictures of our readers WW rifles. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to write and share. Keep writing!





In your June 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 2 / Issue 6), you showed a picture of Greg S’ Windham SRC AR and he commented “I finished my SRC, battle sights at a 45 degree so scope stays on”.  I have a similar setup on my SRC, but with an EoTech 516 red dot and Magpul sights.  After seeing my SRC, my Grandson & Son-in-law both ended up purchasing Windham SRCs and they love theirs too.  My son-in-law already had a Bushmaster, but got the Windham SRC after seeing mine!  They both used them on a hog hunt to Texas this spring.  Here are all three Windham SRCs, mine, my son-in law’s and my grandson’s.

Rifles of Phil, Gary, Corey


Three generations all loving their Windhams!!

Phil B.


Thanks for the newsletter, I like it.

I recently bought the featured SRC rifle, got to say…LOVE IT! I actually tried to make it malfunction and that was clearly an exercise in futility. The dad gum thing is just perfect in every way. I’ve got a Sightmark reflex sight on it and it’s just so accurate it’s amazing. Thanks for making such an excellent rifle.

I’m sending everyone I know to the dealer in Broken Arrow OK. to check your stuff out. (Citizens Firearms)
Keep on keeping on, politics notwithstanding…

John L., Coweta, Oklahoma


I have always wanted an AR-15 rifle. I have been shooting handguns for many years. I finally bought a WW rifle in November of 2012. Just in the nick of time! I must say I have since fired over 600 rounds without one single problem. I shoot anything I can get my hands on due to the difficulty of obtaining ammo. Luckily I was able to stock pile a good amount before everyone started buying it up. I have several hundred rounds of steel ammo that has worked flawlessly. I read about the difficulty of some rifles with steel ammo. I have not had one problem with this ammo. I want to thank you for building an excellent rifle. It looks great and I love taking it out to the range. It is very accurate, even with a novice AR shooter. Keep up the good work.

Barry N.


Hello WW team,

I am relatively new to shooting sports. In fact, my first AR15 is the Windham Weaponry SRC. When I first bought the WW SRC, I will admit, I’ve never heard of them. But through research and reading the story about how WW came to be, I knew I made the perfect choice for my first AR15.

In the process of researching the WW history, and purchasing several pieces of furniture for my SRC, I had spoken with several people from the WW team, from the gunsmith to sales reps. They have always taken the time to actually listen to my questions, and give explicit answers to all my questions. In fact, every time I phoned them to ask certain questions, it was always like talking to an old friend. They all took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered to satisfaction … Because they care. WW team, you guys have been great, and really know how to treat your customers well.

I’ve attached a photo of how I set up my WW SRC.  I added some more gear to it that I would like to share.

Brian's Rifle

So I put some more furniture on the AR .. Here’s the line up…
Windham weaponry AR-15 SRC
Vltor charging handle mod 4
Vltor emod buttstock
Vltor modpod bipod system
BlueForce Gear Push Button Swivel Sling Adapter
Blackhawk quadrail hand guard
Magpul enhanced trigger guard
Magpul angled forgrip
Phase 5 tactical EBRv2 lever
Haley strategic thorntail offset mount
Inforce WML weapon mounted light with infrared  (mounted on the thorntail)
Eotech 512.A65 HWS
Eotech G33.STS 3X magnifier
Diamondhead flip up front and rear BUIS

Someday I would love to have an A-5A/PEQ  ATPIAL made by Insight L3 EoTech .  Someday perhaps.

Tampa, Florida




To send Newsletter comments or suggestions, contact:



Matt H - Retail
Matt Hasty
Retail Sales Manager



TRUGLO Tru Brite 5 MOA Red/Green Dot Sight




TruGlo Red Dot Sight


PRICE: $79.95    Buy It Now!


This multi-reticle optic sight from TRUGLO is lightweight, waterproof, and offers a wide field of view with unlimited eye relief. It features multi-coated lenses, both a red dot and a green dot (with 5 different brightness levels for each), and an integral Weaver / Picatinny style mount. Two knurled screws offer snug mounting to the rifle rail. It is powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery (included). Field of View at 100 Yards is 74′, and Adjustment Click Value is 1″. Length is 3.27″, weight is 5.3 oz., and the aluminum housing is finished matte black.

TruGlo on SRC


Todd C

Todd J. Coons, Law Enforcement Sales Manager

What’s New in LE?

The June Police Security Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey was a huge success. I want to thank Southern Police Equipment, of Virginia, for their help during the show. Southern Police Equipment has been a Law Enforcement Distributor for Windham Weaponry for just over a year now. We shared booth space during the show (photo below). As one of our Law Enforcement Distributors, they have handled hundreds of orders for individual officers around the Virginia area.


Atlantic City LE Exhibit

It was great meeting so many of the individual officers from NJ, MD, PA, NY, MA, and VA that have made rifle purchases from Windham Weaponry over the last 6 months and the feedback was fantastic.  It was clear that we here at WW are really making a difference by being able to get our rifles into the hands of those that need them to perform their daily duties.  It was also clear that many are looking for the .308 and the great news is that it is coming very soon.

We have many shows coming up in the following months as well.  We will be in PA on September 11th for the Jerry’s Sports Center Law Enforcement Demo Day and back to PA on September 19th for the National Troops Picnic.

I’m very happy to announce that our next armorer’s course will be held on November 5th and 6th. This class will be held in Brewer, Maine at the Brewer Police Department.  There are still a few openings left for this class, but it’s filling up very fast. Please contact me for additional information on the class. tcoons@windhamweaponry.com


Be Safe

Todd J. Coons



Featured Employee: Karen Moore 

  Karen Moore

A wonderful co-worker from the knitting mill asked me in 1998 if I wanted a job working with her at Bushmaster and I told her I knew nothing about guns so I’m all set. That would be Tammy. Then she came to see me again shortly after and asked again so I went to apply.

Got the job and was scared to death, but it worked out well. I worked in production for a while and then there was an opening in shipping. I applied and got the job. I love a challenge and loved it. I had Dale for a supervisor and then Leon. Shipping, retail and receiving became its own department, which I love all of it still. Still loving this department and everyone I work with and work for. Can’t say enough good things about where I work, but you all know that.

So much has changed over the years – all that matters is at the end of the day I feel great where I work, who I work for and with. We are the best team in the whole world to me. It makes me feel good inside. Hopefully you all feel the same way.

I have worked for a lot of companies, shoe shops, woolen mill, waitress, landscaping, but the best by far is working for Mr. Dyke. I would like to thank my friend and co-worker Tammy for this wonderful opportunity to work in such a wonderful place, and Allen for hiring me.   

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