Welcome to The Windham Weaponry Newsletter – Vol. 3 / Issue 1
January 2014

Marketing News Mark at SFGC
Mark Eliason, VP Sales & Marketing

Will you be attending the SHOT Show?


If you need a break from this crazy Winter weather, come to sunny Las Vegas and visit with us at the SHOT Show – Jan 14th through the 17th at the Sands Expo. We’ll be at Booth #10376, and we look forward to showing you all the terrific new models we’ll have on display.


Here is an example of one of our latest builds. We’ll have this on display at Shot Show. Based around our VEX-SS, this one has Bronze hard coat anodize receivers and laminated Nutmeg buttstock and forend. Accuracy never looked so good!


Please note that admittance to Shot Show is limited to credentialed members of the firearms and outdoor trades industries, their guests, and the media.

This Month’s Featured Rifle…
Windham Weaponry MPC-14PH-7
A special MPC with a 14.5″ Barrel and Phantom Flash Suppressor pinned on & welded over to make a legal 16″ barrel length assembly 




Model: Windham Weaponry R14M4PHA4T-7   Weight: 6.65 lbs.   Length: 33″ (29″ with telestock collapsed)

Caliber: .223 Rem. / 5.56mm NATO


Type:  Rifle – Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System

Capacity: 30 + 1 – Ships with one 30 Round Magazine (accepts all standard sizes)

Receivers: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum –  Flat Top Upper Receiver


Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel

Barrel:  14.5″ M4 Profile, Chrome Lined with Phantom Flash Suppressor

Barrel Material: 4150M Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel

Rifling: 1 Turn in 7″ – Right Hand Twist

Stock: 6 Position Telestock with Windham Weaponry Logo


Forend / Pistol Grip: M4 Double Heat Shield Handguards / A2 Plastic Pistol Grip

Rear Sight: A4 Removable Carry Handle with Dual Aperture 300 – 600M Sight – Adjustable for windage & elevation

Front Sight: Adjustable Height Square Post in A2 Standard Base 

Includes: Hard Plastic Carrying Case, Web Sling, Operators Manual, Transferable Lifetime Warranty


Erik at his bench
Erik Winter, Gunsmith


Smoothing up the trigger pull on a standard AR15

Most mil-spec AR trigger pulls aren’t really the best they can be right out of the box. With a ceramic stone and a few minutes of time you can greatly improve the trigger pull of your AR15.

Following the instructions below, you should be able to make the trigger pull both smoother and a little lighter. If you are using ammo with hard military type primers you may want to skip the hammer spring bend I mention here. For commercially manufactured ammunition the spring bend shouldn’t affect reliability though. I only recommend the use of a ceramic stone as you can’t really over polish the sear engagement areas with this type of stone if you work slowly and carefully. Do not use any other type of stone or sandpaper.

As stated in the caption below, keep the sear engagement areas flat on the stone and as straight as possible. With a few passes you should be able to remove any minute burrs on the surface.

When you reassemble the hammer and trigger make sure the hammer legs are resting on top of the trigger pin and not underneath it. A little Moly Slide paste on the sear surfaces will make the trigger pull even slicker. Once it’s back together, perform a function test to make sure the safety and all the other parts are working properly.




Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager

We receive a variety of customer service related questions from our customers, and in order to better serve all of you, highlight one question each month.

This month’s question is:


Will changing the buttstock on my Windham Weaponry rifle void my warranty?




Installing aftermarket parts and accessories will not void your warranty if installed correctly.

We do offer free professional installation on any parts you purchase from us.



Karen Fogarty, Asst. to VP Sales & Marketing








Subject: Fun with the VEX-SS

After seeing some people sending in some pictures in your newsletter, I couldn’t resist.  I’m still working on getting the maximum accuracy out of your stock VEX-SS that I purchased in Dec. and shot in F-Class this summer, but it can shoot 50 gr to 75 grain very well. Have lots and lots of data testing it, and with 4000+ rounds down the original barrel it still shoots <1 MOA consistently. Can consistently shoot a penny at 100 yds.  Also have shot a penny and nickel at 200 yds and a quarter at 300 yds. Would be happy to test out your new .308 especially if it comes out in a accuracy model…..

The picture of the rifle is just before my first attempt at 600 yds.  To the left of the green building downrange, is a white target inline with some black shapes (dirt backstops behind lowered targets).  The target is about 4 ft high and 3 ft wide).  The target with 10 shots was the best of the day.


I’ve included some pictures of targets during load development.



The scope is a Leupold Mark AR 4×12. A bit underpowered for that range, but usable. Considering that everything was stock, I was impressed with the performance. Turned a few heads this summer.  Have been speaking very highly of your product to all that inquire.

Drew R.

Moorhead, MN



I bought my WW SRC model in December 2012 from the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Colorado Springs, CO.  Even though I’ve been in Colorado for over 30 years now, having grown up in Scarborough just down the road from your factory, I was thrilled to get an AR built (almost) in my hometown (and most of my family still lives in the area).  I’ve had it for a year now and put several hundred rounds through it (many brands, .223 and 5.56, mostly brass but some steel and zinc-coated casings), and it still shoots incredibly well.  I’ve never had a misfire, misfeed or any other problem with it with ANY type of ammo.  I initially put Magpul sights on it, but then added a Vortex Strikefire red/green dot sight with a 3x magnifier a few months ago, and once that was zeroed in at 50 yards, it easily hits bullseyes at 100 yards.  I haven’t ried any further yet, but our county range allows for up to 1000 yards, so I’ll see what else it can do eventually. Other add-ons include a Firefield quad rail, Magpul broomstick front handle, bipod (not currently on it), sling, B.A.D. lever, Hogue grip; and I recently took a Laserlyte micro laser off one of my pistols and put it on the front left of the quad rail with the switch in easy finger reach and zeroed in at about 50 feet (for close in “tactical” use).  And luckily (or perhaps just good planning), I bought lots of 30 round magazines (from multiple manufacturers and they all work well in this AR) before the Colorado Democrats outlawed them, so I’m good to go for many years.  Love this gun!!!


Ray P.

Colorado Springs, CO

(originally from Scarborough, ME)



To send Newsletter comments or suggestions, contact:




Matt H - Retail
Matt Hasty
Retail Sales Manager



A2 Gov’t. Profile 20″ Barrel Sub-Assembly for AR15 / M16



Part Number: BA20GVT-7

Price: $215.00


This is the original A2 government profile 20″ barrel – perfect as a replacement barrel, or for that service rifle build you’ve been planning. Barrel material is 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium11595E Steel, and it is chrome lined in both bore and chamber for long wear and ease of cleaning. Button rifling is 1 turn in 7″, right hand twist for optimum accuracy with a wide range of .223/5.56mm ammunition. A black manganese phosphate finish is applied for protection against rust and corrosion. This barrel is machine turned under the handguards to offer the lightest weight possible. It includes the barrel extension, M4 feed ramps, barrel nut, triangular front handguard cap, standard A2 front sight base with sling swivel and bayonet lug. The muzzle is threaded ½” x 28 T.P.I. to accept a variety of flash hiders or muzzle brakes.



Note: We will also have Barrel Kits and Upper Receiver Assemblies available within the next few weeks. Please call our Sales Department toll free at 855-808-1888 for more details.



Todd C

Todd J. Coons, VP Law Enforcement Sales

What’s New in LE?


It has been a very cold and snowy month here in Maine, but that didn’t slow the gun sales for Law Enforcement from around the country.

We were able to complete the shipment of rifles for Wisconsin Department of Natural Wildlife for a total of 279 rifles.

I know that many of you have ordered the new .308 and we are on track to begin shipping them this month.

I have had a large number of requests for a rifle with a 14.5″ barrel with a fixed A2 front sight and a pinned Phantom 5C2 flash hider in a 1X9 twist.  Well, the barrels are in, so please feel free to contact me for pricing on these rifles.  tcoons@windhamweaponry.com

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and support in the fundraiser for my sister, as she is fighting brain cancer. The raffle was a huge success and couldn’t have come at a better time. Every day is a battle for my sister and with the support from around the country it has made it just a little easier. I would like to congratulate Todd T. from China, Maine, as he was the winner of the rifle.

For those of you that might be traveling to Las Vegas for Shot Show, please swing by the Windham Weaponry booth, #10376, to say hello as I will be there from January 14th-16th.

This note just came in from one of our Maine Game Wardens


From: Neal Wykes

Sent: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 7:30 AM

Subject: High Praise for the AR-15

I would like to express my admiration for the accuracy of your [Windham Weaponry] AR-15 .223. I am a Maine Game Warden and was issued one of your AR-15’s a little over a year ago. I knew from going through our qualifications course that this was a highly accurate rifle, but I didn’t realize just how accurate it was until the other day.

My Sgt., Jason Luce, and I responded to a call of a deer down on the ice out on Sebago Lake in Standish. The deer had been chased out onto the ice by coyotes and as typically happens with deer when they get onto glare ice, all four legs splayed out and it was not able to get up. The deer was out from shore at least 250 yds. and the ice was not even close to being thick enough to support a person. The decision had to be made, do we leave the deer out there to suffer or do we put it out of its’ misery. It was decided that we would attempt to end its’ suffering by shooting it. The challenge was being able to do this humanely from such a long distance. The only rifle that was available was the AR-15 that we carry in our patrol trucks. I was a little hesitant at first because these rifles are not fitted with any additional optics other than the open sights that we train with. I took up a position next to a boulder on the shore and used this for support. I aimed just over the deer’s back on the first shot and to my surprise, the shot went high. I took a 6 o’clock hold the next time and this shot hit it’s intended mark. Another follow-up shot also hit the deer. This resulted in a quick, clean kill and the deer’s suffering had come to an end.

I told this story to Michael Knight, who is an employee of yours [Windham Weaponry], and he told me that I should tell you about it. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the accuracy of this firearm and wanted to express my thanks for manufacturing such a top quality product right here in Maine. Keep up the good work.


Be Safe,

Todd J. Coons

VP Law Enforcement Sales    

Meet the WINDHAM WEAPONRY TEAM           


Featured Employee: Karen Fogarty, Assistant to VP of Sales & Marketing

Karen joined Windham Weaponry in September 2011 after 6 years with Bushmaster.  Karen works in our Sales Department assisting the VP of Sales & Marketing, managing national commercial sales accounts and coordinating tradeshows. She also helps out in production when needed, as well as being our newsletter editor.

Away from Windham Weaponry, Karen enjoys spending time with her 3 little buddies, Spencer, Fuzzy and Milo, landscaping, fishing, hiking, short track racing and riding her Harley. Most of all, she loves driving and working on her 1983 Chevy Stepside, an ever evolving project over the last 20 years. She does routine maintenance, restoration, rebuilding a few engines along with way (yes, she turned wrenches) and most recently swapping out a 350 for a Fast Burn 385 crate engine, paired with a 3″ dual exhaust and Super 40 Flowmasters, it is music to her ears.

Karen’s passion for muscle cars and classic trucks began as a child, working on cars with her Dad. The nose of his ’69 Chevelle hangs on her garage wall. She admits she would rather buy truck parts than go to the Mall.


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