As of this writing, the ever volatile AR market has slowed down enough for factory complete rifles, components and kits to return to much more sensible and, in some cases, exceptionally affordable prices. However, the cheapest carbine on the rack is not necessarily the best value available.

One company that has mastered balancing an AR’s price against a useful set of features is Windham Weaponry. These ARs are manufactured at the Windham, Maine, factory by many of the original employees who previously built Bushmaster rifles. That is, before what is now known as the Remington Outdoor Company moved production out of state. In the seven or so years since this manufacturing company was essentially re-launched under the Windham Weaponry banner, I’ve come to respect what the company has to offer. I’ve reviewed factory complete rifles, used them in late-night competition, and incorporated the company’s component kits into home builds.

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