Welcome to The Windham Weaponry Newsletter – Issue 1 / Vol. 1
June 2012


      We welcome you to this first issue of our monthly newsletter, and we appreciate your interest in our exciting new company.

     In this and future issues, we want to bring you news of our latest models, exciting developments in the Windham Weaponry organization, and useful “Tech” information to help keep your Windham Weaponry rifles performing at their most accurate levels.

     We will keep you updated as to where you can see us at Trade Shows around the country as we love to meet our friends, fans and customers anywhere we can. Important information from Customer Service and Support will be included, and we’ll feature the newest parts and accessories we are offering to enhance your fine Windham Weaponry rifle.

     Once again, we welcome you and encourage you to give us feedback about what you’d like to hear and see from Windham Weaponry. Please feel free to contact us through our website – www.windhamweaponry.com,      We’d love to hear from you!

Shoot Safely, and Take Care…

The Windham Weaponry  First Gun RackTeam


Windham Weaponry Logo
     A team of the finest firearms people in the USA has been re-assembled to bring to market the highest quality AR type rifle possible. These good Maine folks – most are former employees of Bushmaster Firearms – offer many years of experience in the industry and all look forward to working with you, to serving your needs, and to building a great rifle.

Windham Weaponry Marketing News 

Mark E Newsletter

Mark Eliason



VP of Sales & Marketing




Windham Weaponry Teams

with Cabela’s and the Paralyzed Veteran’s Association-Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund (PVA-ORHF).


    Windham Weaponry has joined Cabela’s and PVA-ORHF to build a special edition rifle offered exclusively by Cabela’s to support and honor our military men and women. A portion of the proceeds of each Windham Weaponry rifle purchased at any Cabela’s location will be donated to PVA-ORHF.

    We are honored to team up with Cabela’s to support PVA-ORHF on this project to benefit our veterans in such a unique way,” said Mark Eliason, Windham Weaponry Vice President. “As proud Americans, we hope everyone will reach out in some meaningful way to help those who have sacrificed so much.” It is anticipated the contribution from sales between Windham Weaponry and Cabela’s could raise more than $10,000 for ORHF.

     To view the complete Press Release, please click here. WW – CABELAS – PVA-ORHF PARTNERSHIP


Windham Weaponry in the News
New Windham Weaponry and Patriot Ordnance Factory Partnership

     Windham Weaponry of Windham, Maine and Patriot Ordnance Factory of Phoenix, Arizona have entered a partnership to produce .308’s, P-415/416 and carbon fiber rifles. Windham Weaponry CEO Richard Dyke, Patriot Ordnance Factory CEO Frank DeSomma, and JC Machine and Motorsports LLC CEO Curt Stewart have also begun cooperation on several joint venture projects to be announced in the near future. 


     The three companies have jointly occupied a new 12,000 square foot production facility in Phoenix. The new facility will produce rifles and firearms parts, and serve as a design and development center for new firearms products from both Windham Weaponry and Patriot Ordnance Factory. 


     “We are pleased to open this new facility together, and happy that Patriot Ordnance Factory and Windham Weaponry can grow together,” stated Patriot Ordnance Factory CEO Frank DeSomma.


     “This new facility will bring new employment and growth to Phoenix area industry,” stated Windham Weaponry CEO Richard Dyke. 


     The new projects for Windham Weaponry are already in the initial phases of development with design assistance from Frank DeSomma of Patriot Ordnance Factory. These projects are slated to be officially announced later this year.
         For additional information contact:    information@windhamweaponry.com    www.windhamweaponry.com

Check out our new CDI Model!

CDI Rifle
Model:  R16M4SFSDHT / Cal. .223 Rem. / 5.56mm NATO

Type:  Carbine – Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System

Capacity: 30 + 1 ( accepts all std. magazine sizes)

Receiver: M4A4 Type Flat Top Upper Receiver

Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel – MP/HP Tested

Barrel: 16″ M4 Profile, Chrome Lined / Vortex Suppressor

4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel w. M4 Feed Ramps – Rifling: 1 Turn in 9″ – Right Hand Twist

Special Features:

Magpul MOE 6-Position Telescoping Buttstock / Diamondhead Free-float Forend w. Magpul MOE AFG Angled Grip /  Magpul MOE Black Pistolgrip w. Storage Compartment / Diamondhead Dual Aperture Flip-up Sight / Diamondhead Front Flip-up Sight 


Erik W at Bench

Erik Winter, Gunsmith at        

   Windham Weaponry

     Hello – I have 14 years’ experience working on AR15s and M16s. I do repairs and upgrades for most any AR15 or M16, as well as warranty work on our own weapons. Along with this, I offer factory tech support and moderate our industry forum on AR15.com. If you need any help I am only a phone call or an e-mail away.

     If you have an AR15 or M16 (requires proper paperwork) that is in need of service, we can repair virtually any issue you have. We install any parts that require a gunsmith and also install any parts you purchase from us. The gunsmithing fee is $65 per hour. Installation of parts purchased from Windham Weaponry is done free of charge.

     Currently we are restricted to 223/5.56NATO caliber for any functionality issues until we offer other calibers.



Cheryl E-CS


Cheryl Eliason
  Customer Service Manager
     Windham Weaponry is committed to offering the best customer service in the industry. We are here to help you help in any way we can, whether it is a question about our products, finding a dealer in your area, registering your rifle, setting up a return or giving us feedback. We are only a phone call or email away and look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Windham Weaponry family.

Commercial vs. Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes


     There have been a lot of discussions on various firearms forums about “commercial vs. mil-spec” buffer tubes. A lot of people seem to suggest that commercial spec tubes are not as strong as Mil-spec tubes. The main difference is the mil-spec tubes are deep drawn from a single slug of material, while the commercial are a tube with an end cap welded on to the back. Good welds are as strong as the parent material, so strength is not an issue if done correctly. Also, the commercial tubes are the same diameter as the threads, whereas the mil-spec tubes are a little smaller in diameter than the thread. Most companies that make stock body replacements make them for either mil-spec or commercial tubes.

     In my experience, I have put probably a million or more rounds through a lower receiver with a commercial spec tube without failure.




     I would like to thank you for making an affordable rifle with great quality. I purchased a Nato 5.56 flat top M4 from a local dealer – this weapon is amazing for the price. A nicely tight built rifle, it has made for an extremely accurate rifle. I have done few modifications to it, mainly comfort upgrades, EoTech, Quad Rail, the ones needed on any tactical rifle.

But when I go to the range and people ask to buy the weapon, that’s a compliment.

     Your product will be the platform for my next build.

Keep the quality high and prices low.

Thank you,   




Todd C

Todd J. Coons, Law Enforcement Sales Manager

     Windham Weaponry has implemented a comprehensive Law Enforcement sales program – not only for departments around the country, but for individual officers as well.

     Designing the Law Enforcement website was a team effort here at WW that began back in February 2012. We were able to create a user friendly site that invites officers to request price quotes on rifles and accessories, inquire about availability of product, as well as ask any other questions they may have. The site was up and running on April 9th.

     The program for individual officer sales has been a huge success as we have sold rifles to officers in 14 states thus far.

     At Windham Weaponry, we are not only committed to building the best AR on the market, but we want to make sure every law enforcement officer has the opportunity to purchase a rifle at a great price. We are currently adding some of the best distributors around the country to our Law Enforcement sales program. Most recently we welcomed Southern Police Equipment of Richmond, Virginia,www.southernpoliceequipment.comand Gulf States Distributors of Montgomery, Alabama, www.gulfstatedist.com.

&nbsnbsp;    For additional information about our Law Enforcement program, please visit  www.windhamweaponry.com/le  or contact me directly. Have a Great Day and Be Safe.


Tel: 207-893-2223 ext. 731 / Fax: 207-893-1623 / Tcoons@windhamweaponry.com


   Diamondhead Handguards / Rails / Flip Sights
Diamondhead Prods


Price: $109.00                    Price: $15.00              Price: $22.00           Price: $109.00       Price: $129.00

   Buy It Now                           Buy It Now                   Buy It Now                Buy It Now               Buy It Now


     Windham Weaponry and Diamondhead have teamed up to offer exclusive patterns on a Diamondhead 2-piece split rail hand guard (now available) and a free float hand guard (soon to be released). Both hand guards offer a fixed top rail with the option to attach a 2″ or 7″ rail on the sides and/or bottom of the hand guards.

     We also offer Diamondhead sights. A uniquely shaped front flip sight and a rear slip sight that has a diamond-shaped aperture and when paired up make for a very quick and easy sight acquisition.

Richard Dyke, CEO / Owner

    R-Dyke NewsletterAt 78 years old, Richard E. Dyke definitely did not need to start up another business such as Windham Weaponry, but he was deeply affected by seeing all of the hard working, good people that he had working for him at the Bushmaster Windham plant out of work and on hard times. He and his son Jeff, owned Bushmaster up until 2006 when it was sold. He felt an obligation to those good people after BFI in Windham was closed in 2011 and he decided the time was right to get back in the game again. To date, we have been able to hire back a majority of the old Bushmaster employees and have built a team that is better than it ever was.

    Dick, a Maine native from the small mill town of Wilton, attended Husson College in Bangor, worked for the IRS, B&M Baked Beans as Treasurer, then started his own successful accounting firm. Over the years Dick has owned over 60 businesses, mostly acquired as struggling, sick and bankrupt companies, and worked hard to build them back up into successful ventures employing thousands of people. Dick’s success and positive driving personality have made him a respected leader in the Maine business community, and he has “given back” to many charitable organizations over the years to show his appreciation to a State that has enabled him to achieve and be so successful.

    The Windham Weaponry employees are extremely grateful for his dedication to them and for providing an opportunity where they can again work together as a team and show their “best stuff”!

    Link to learn more:  Portland Press Herald – Gunmaking Returns to Maine


Visit Windham Weaponry at the TRADE SHOWSShot Show Group

Jerry’s Fall Hunting Dealer Show

    June 19, 20 & 21

    Harrisburg, PA*

*Please note these are Dealer shows that are not open to the general public.

Photo at right from 2012 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas

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