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Welcome to The Windham Weaponry Newsletter – Issue 1 / Vol. 2
July 2012


From the onset, Windham Weaponry has had one goal: to build the finest AR type rifles in the country.

As “America’s newest rifle manufacturer with decades of experience”, we’ve gathered a team of highly qualified and very experienced Gunsmiths and Builders, supported them with the best Customer Service & Sales people, added seasoned firearms industry Quality Control, Purchasing, and Marketing experts, and lead them with a Management team that has built “America’s Rifle” for literally two decades.

We are so sure of the quality of our rifles that we back them up with the strongest Warranty in the industry – one that guarantees against all manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the firearm to the purchaser. Additionally, this warranty is transferable from the original purchaser to subsequent buyers (view the Complete Warranty).

Once again, we welcome you and encourage you to give us feedback about what you’d like to hear and see from Windham Weaponry. Please feel free to contact us through  www.windhamweaponry.com, or newsletter@windhamweaponry.com

We’d love to hear from you!

Shoot Safely and Take Care…

The Windham Weaponry Team

 Airgauging Barrels

Right – Lower receivers in production process

Above – Air gauging each barrel with care


Windham Weaponry Logo

A team of the finest firearms people in the USA has been re-assembled to bring to market the highest quality AR type rifle possible. These good Maine folks – most are former employees of Bushmaster Firearms – offer many years of experience in the industry and all look forward to working with you, to serving your needs, and to building a great rifle.

Mark E Newsletter 
Mark Eliason
VP of Sales & Marketing


We are progressing on the development of our carbon fiber product line and expect to launch the line early next year.  The .308 is also in development and expected to be available early in 2013.

Expect lots of new and exciting products from WW in the coming months!

VEX Lowers in Process

Perfect for Varmint Hunting! 
The WW VEX-SS  “Varmint Exterminator”

VEX Varmint RifleModel: R20FSSFTSKV

Caliber: .223 Rem. / 5.56mm NATO


Type:  Rifle – Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System

Capacity: 5 + 1 ( accepts all std. magazine sizes)

Receiver:  M4A4 Type Flat Top Upper Receiver with Picatinny Riser Blocks


Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel – MP/HP Tested

Barrel:  20″ – Precision 416R Stainless Steel – Fluted – Matte Finish

Chamber:  Compass Lake Specification with Matched Bolt

Rifling:  1 Turn in 8″ – Right Hand Twist

Special Features: Skeleton Stock with Sling Swivel / Knurled, Vented Aluminum Free-Float Forend / Hogue Rubber Pistol Grip / Hard Plastic Gun Case with Black Web Sling & Operators Manual




Erik Winter, Gunsmith 



5.56 AMMO in a VEX


I’ve had a few customers inquiring recently as to whether they can shoot 5.56 NATO ammunition in their Varmint Exterminator rifles since the barrel is marked “223”.


The Varmint Exterminator is safe with decent factory loaded 5.56 NATO ammo. We put .223 on the barrel as that is what is recommended for best results – match grade .223 ammunition.

The VEX has what is called a “5.56 Compass Lake” chamber. This means the leade (amount of freebore before rifling) is shorter than on a 5.56 but not as short as a .223. Also the angle into the rifling is a little different.  The overall chamber dimensions are slightly tighter as well and the bolt is matched to the chamber for better accuracy. Frank White, of Compass Lake Engineering, developed this chambering many years ago for competition shooters and this chamber is widely used in many service rifles used for target competitions at Camp Perry.

I have fired Federal M855 5.56 NATO ammo in VEX rifles with no ill effects. If you should fire any foreign 5.56 ammo through it, just keep checking the primers to make sure they aren’t backing out, popping out or severely flattened.  Some of the foreign military ammo can run a little hot and may not run efficiently in the tighter chamber of the VEX rifles.


Cheryl E




Cheryl Eliason
Customer Service Manager
The Windham Weaponry Team is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry.  We believe it is important for you to talk to a live person when you call us during our regular business hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm,  Mon – Fri).
Your call is important to us and it is our goal to personally speak with each customer and to take care of your needs quickly and with a smile.




Your new CDI is very sweet! Will you consider producing it in .308? I love my Windham Weaponry .223/5.56 (bought from Cabela’s), it shoots like a dream! I believe it is the Finest Quality Value out there! I have added some “tasty” extras to it. I really appreciate your support for our Beloved Soldiers! You are an Outstanding Company and a True American Success story! God Bless Y’all and Thank you!

 Scott, Idaho


Thanks for the newsletter !!!! Really like my new Windham AR15. It’s a blast to shoot and seems to be very well built. Looking for years of service from it.

Keep up the good work !!!

 Tom, Ohio


Took it out to the range last week to see how the new rifle would perform. Perfect. Never missed a beat !

 Rick, Georgia


FROM THE EDITOR Karen Fogarty, Asst to VP Sales & Marketing  Karen F.


Welcome to our second edition of the Windham Weaponry Newsletter.  Our first edition was met with great enthusiasm from our readers and we received some amazing feedback from many of you.  Going forward, we will dedicate a section to our customers to highlight their feedback and experiences with their Windham Weaponry AR.  So, keep that feedback coming, we look forward to hearing from you.


For Newsletter comments or suggestions, contact:


Scott from Idaho asked if we would be producing a .308 version of the CDI.  We do have plans to develop a .308 and release it early in 2013.


Scott also noted he purchased his WW at Cabela’s and his appreciation of our support of our troops. Last month we highlighted our partnership with Cabela’s and the Paralyzed Veteran’s Association-Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund (PVA-ORHF) to build a special edition rifle offered exclusively by Cabela’s to support and honor our military men and women, with a portion of the proceeds of each rifle to be donated to PVA-ORHF.  We are proud to say that to date, the total contribution to PVA-ORHF – a 50 / 50 combination from both Windham Weaponry and Cabela’s, stands at $38,910.00



Todd C

Todd J. Coons, Law Enforcement Sales Manager

June has been a very busy month for the LE division here at Windham Weaponry. I had the pleasure of attending the Maine Chiefs of Police Summer convention. It was a great opportunity to meet many of the Chiefs and Sheriffs from around the State of Maine. Our products drew a lot of attention from all that were in attendance.

The Maine Criminal Justice Academy held its annual two-week firearms instructor course and Windham Weaponry was invited to participate and show some of what we have to offer to law enforcement. There were over 30 officers from all over the State in attendance and 2,000 rounds were shot. I am very proud to say there was not one malfunction the entire day. The officers were not shy about putting the guns through some tough tests attempting to cause malfunctions.

Keeping local, we traveled to a top notch firing range located at the State Prison in Warren. This was another opportunity for Windham Weaponry to show our products to even more officers in several State Agencies, including representatives from MDOC and Marine Patrol. Also in attendance was John Bainer from Smith Enterprise demonstrating a few of his goodies. Smith Enterprise is the creator of the Vortex flash hider and also have a fantastic sound suppressor that works with the Vortex. I would have to say everyone loved the Smith products as much as we do here at WW.

I want to give a special thanks to Steve Markwith, the Department of Corrections Head Firearms Instructor, for setting up this event.

What’s New in the LE Line?

We just received our first 14.5″ barrels with fixed flash hiders. We have the 14.5″ with either the pinned/welded Vortex or the pinned/welded Phantom flash hider.

Our 14.5″ barrel is a 1×7 twist and with the flash hider being pinned, welded and permanently affixed to the muzzle, it becomes legal length (16 1/4″ or more). The orders have already started coming in and I expect this to be a big seller both in the LE market, as well as for individual officers.

For additional information about our Law Enforcement program, please visit www.windhamweaponry.com/le or contact me directly. Have a Great Day and Be Safe.

14.5″ Bbl (1 in 7″ twist) with Picatinny Rail Gas Block and pinned/welded Vortex Flash Hider

14.5 Bbl w Pinned Vortex

 14.5″ Bbl (1 in 7″ twist) with Picatinny Rail Gas Block and pinned/welded Phantom Flash Hider

14.5 Bbl w Pinned Phantom

Matt H - new picture
Matt Hasty
Retail Sales Manager
16″ M4 Type Barrel with Picatinny Rail Gas Block


Windham Weaponry barrels are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Our barrels are made from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E steel, have M4 type feed ramps, are chrome lined in the bore and chamber. 

They are bore scoped and air gauged multiple times during the manufacturing process and have a black manganese phosphate finish.


The 16M4 type barrel has a 1 x 9 twist. The picatinny gas block on these barrels is at the same height from the center line of the bore as a flat-top receiver, so a pair of “same plane” back up iron sights will line up with no need for any modifications.


Part #            Description                                                           Price

BA16M4FT  16″ M4 barrel with Picatinny Rail gas block  $215.00   Buy It Now 

Part #                     Description                                                          Price


KIT-BA16M4FT            16″ Heavy barrel kit with Picatinny Rail gas block           $245.00           Buy It Now


The ARMS #71 front and rear sight set, made from durable metal reinforced polymer, is a great option for an economical back up iron sight. Both sights are .600″ high (off the mounting rail) when in the folded position and are quickly deployed by pressing on the checkered release pad. The rear sight has a steel aperture that is adjustable for windage with an A2-type windage knob and the front sight has a steel square A2-type sight post that is adjustable for elevation. Sights are shown in both deployed and folded positions below.


Part #                         Description                                                                      Price

ARMS71L F/R          ARMS 71 front & rear flip sight set                             $89.00               Buy It Now

ARMS71-L Up & Down

Featured Employee – Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager 



Cheryl & Zippy
Cheryl & her pal Zip

Cheryl is no stranger to the firearms industry.  Beginning in her late teens, she worked for Bushmaster in the early days part-time and in summers, when they were located in Portland, Maine.  She has worked with Dick Dyke over a span of 33 years, being involved in several different companies, including a successful candle company that sold hand-made beeswax candles internationally.

As Bushmaster grew, Cheryl made the move back into firearms and was an integral part of the team behind Bushmaster, working in Customer Service and building many long-standing relationships with consumers.  Her friendly demeanor and easy rapport was something that became known as the best customer service in the industry.  They could call and talk with Cheryl any time and she helped them with whatever they needed quickly and with care.  Her attention to detail and customer first philosophy become a hallmark.

We are now lucky enough to have Cheryl continuing her high level of care for our customers at Windham Weaponry.  In her words, “I am delighted to be a part of this new company working with family and friends.”   In her free time, Cheryl enjoys spending time with her 3 yellow labs, Haley, Emily and Zip, spending time with family, traveling, biking and working in her flower gardens.



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