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Welcome to The Windham Weaponry Newsletter – Issue 2 / Vol. 2
February 2013


From the onset, Windham Weaponry has had one goal: to build the finest AR-type rifles in the country.  We have reassembled a team of the finest firearms people in the USA, who offer many years of experience in the industry and have built “America’s rifle” for literally two decades.

We are so sure of the quality of our rifles that we back them up with a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty. We all look forward to working with you, to serving your needs and to building you a great rifle.

We welcome you and encourage you to give us feedback about what you’d like to hear and see from Windham Weaponry. Please feel free to contact us through  www.windhamweaponry.com, or newsletter@windhamweaponry.com.  We’d love to hear from you!

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Shoot Safely!…

The Windham Weaponry Team



Mark E Newsletter


Mark Eliason

VP of Sales & Marketing

Windham Weaponry – and in fact the whole gun industry – faces many challenges resulting from recent events and the proposed changes to gun legislation on State and Federal levels. As firearms enthusiasts and owners, all of our friends and customers can make their feelings on these matters known to their Legislators and Government Representatives through the links found in the National Shooting Sports Foundation Press Release below. Take action today, and make your voice heard!

Don’t forget – May 3rd to 5th we’ll be at the N.R.A. Show (Booth #5013) in Houston, Texas. Its open to the public and we’d love to see you! 
We will be donating a VEX Rifle to the NRA for their Auction at the Annual Meeting Banquet. Come to Houston – support the NRA – and bid on this fine rifle!

A special PRESS RELEASE from The National Shooting Sports Foundation…




For Immediate Release – February 13, 2013


Make Your Voice Heard through NSSF Legislative Action Center


NEWTOWN, Conn. — Through its online Legislative Action Center, the National Shooting Sports Foundation offers a convenient way for supporters of the Second Amendment to urge their legislators to oppose severely restrictive firearms bills that have been introduced in the U.S. Congress and in many states.

NSSF’s Legislative Action Center is the industry’s one-stop hub for finding contact information for federal and state legislators, learning about newly introduced firearms legislation and taking action–sending a letter or making a phone call to lawmakers. Visitors can use both the Research State and Federal Legislation and Industry-Relevant Federal Legislation tools for tracking alarming efforts to restrict ownership and use of semiautomatic rifles and ammunition.

Restrictive gun-control legislation has been introduced throughout the country, including in the U.S. Congress and in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota and New Jersey. Other states are expected to follow suit. New York has already hastily passed new anti-gun laws, the severe impacts of which are only just being realized. In response, firearms owners are turning out by the thousands at state hearings, but just as important is letting legislators know by letter or phone call that these proposed bills are misguided, unwarranted and an assault on Second Amendment rights.

NSSF’s Legislative Action Center provides a core letter, which can be expanded and personalized, that urges legislators to not waste time and public resources on reinstating failed gun-control measures, such as the so-called “assault weapons ban.” For a decade, the ban restricted the sale of semiautomatic rifles and limited magazine capacity to 10 rounds, but according to a U.S. Department of Justice study, the ban did not reduce crime. And since the ban expired in 2004, violent crime has declined.

Legislators are urged to focus instead on effective solutions that will reduce the criminal misuse of firearms by enforcing existing gun laws, improving the background check database and preventing access to firearms by unauthorized persons, including children, at-risk individuals and prohibited persons.

Use the NSSF Legislative Action Center to call or write your federal and state legislators today and urge them to protect your right to own and use the firearms of your choice for target shooting, hunting, personal and home protection and collecting.

For more information contact:




This Month’s Featured Rifle…
Windham Weaponry MPC – our “Most Popular Carbine” 
MP Rifle

Model: Windham Weaponry MPC (Designation: R16A4T)

Caliber: .223 Rem. / 5.56mm NATO


Type:  Rifle – Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System

Capacity: 30 + 1 ( ships with one 30 Round Magazine)

Receiver:  M4A4 Type Flat Top Upper Receiver with A4 Detachable Carry Handle


Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel

Barrel:  16″ M4 Profile – Chrome Lined with A2 Flash Suppressor

Barrel Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel with M4 Feed Ramps

Rifling:  1 Turn in 9″ – Right Hand Twist

Rear Sight: A4 Dual Aperture Elevation & Windage Adjustable: 300-600 M

Front Sight: Adjustable Height Square Post in A2 Standard Base

Includes: Hard Plastic Case, Web Sling, 30 Rd. Magazine, Operators Manual, Lifetime Transferable Warranty



Erik at his bench
Erik Winter, Gunsmith
TOPIC:  Removal of the Stock Trigger Guard
Make sure weapon is unloaded!  Wear safety glasses!

For those wishing to replace the stock trigger guard with an aftermarket trigger guard, here are instructions for removal of the stock triggerguard without damaging the lower receiver.

Removal of trigger guard roll pin must be done with careful support of the trigger guard ear. If you fail to do this the trigger guard ear will break off and is not repairable.

Here I have simply removed and replaced the stock trigger guard. Most aftermarket trigger guards are installed the same way but follow the instructions that come with whatever replacement you want to install.

Remove upper receiver from lower receiver by pushing in the rear takedown pin and front pivot pin.

Remove Pistol grip with a 3/16″ Allen wrench. Be careful not to lose the safety detent spring or safety detent.

  Lower with Tools

Cut two small blocks of wood that are about 1 ½” thick and drill a hole in one of them. Position them as shown.

  Lower on Blocks

Place lower on the two blocks with the trigger guard roll pin over the hole in the block of wood as shown. Use pistol grip for support under the stock.

Lower - ears supported

With a 1/8″ roll pin punch and a hammer slowly and carefully drive the roll pin out through the ears. Be sure to keep the punch nice and straight. Push it all the way out and into the hole in the block of wood.

Drive out spring pin

Triggerguard hanging

Use the punch to push in the detent in the hole on the magwell side of the trigger guard and remove trigger guard.

Depress Trigger Guard detentRemoval complete

To reinstall, push detent in and replace in the magwell side trigger guard ear. Then replace the roll pin in the rear trigger guard ear.  It’s best to use a roll pin holder that holds a .130″ roll pin to start the roll pin into the hole. Be sure to keep the hole in the trigger guard lined up with the hole in the trigger guard ear.

Driving Spring Pin#1

With the 1/8″ punch slowly drive the roll pin in until it is flush with the outside of the trigger guard ear.

Driving Spring Pin#2  Rec & Punch

Replace pistol grip in reverse order of removal.

Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager

We receive a variety of customer service related questions from our customers, and in order to better serve all of you, highlight one question each month.

This month’s question is:

My rifle is a WW-15, which one of your rifles did I purchase ?

Rec Serial #



MOD. WW-15 is stamped on all of our aluminum AR-15  CAL .223/5.56 lower receivers.  It is Windham Weaponry’s designation for the AR-15 style rifle.

Your rifle part number is not stamped on the rifle. If you do not see your rifle listed on our website or in the catalog it may a variation we build based on one of our standard models.


Karen Fogarty, Asst. to VP of Sales & Marketing







I work in Saudi Arabia. I was deployed to Bosnia and Iraq and carried an assortment of small arms at various times. Based on what I had heard and read about your weapons I purchased 2 Windhams when I was at home in November on vacation. One was a gift for my nephew and one was for me. I like it so much I am planning on purchasing another for myself. I have never done that with any other make except my Glock 17.  Good job.

James T.


Hello Windham Weaponry, just received my first newsletter email from you and I enjoyed the update on what’s happening out and around. I recently had some gunsmith work done at your facility and I would like to tell you thanks for the professional and courteous manner you people all conduct yourselves.  I’m glad you all got back together and continued on there with a great facility to assist us out here with our sport we love . take care, be safe and thanks again.

Chris K., Utah


SRC build up – the transformation of a basic weapon….Burris tactical sight w/quick release mount, LWRCI flip-up iron sights and Diamondhead forend.

Van B., New Hampshire

Customer's custom rifle



For Newsletter comments or suggestions, contact:



Matt H - Retail
Matt Hasty
Retail Sales Manager


Mission First Tactical Two-Piece Handguard Set




PRICE: $ 124.95 Buy Now!


This all aluminum AR-15 Carbine Integrated Rail Forend System replaces the plastic factory handguard set in minutes and requires no gunsmithing. No permanent alterations need to be made to the rifle – its a drop in, screwless installation held in place by the Delta Ring and Handguard Cap. Four MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rails provide a secure platform for mounting accessories such as vertical grips, lights, lasers, bipods and other rail mounted items. A monolithic style continuous top rail eliminates the gap between the receiver and rail. Overall length is 7 inches. Construction is lightweight 6061 aluminum with a hard coat anodize finish. As this set fits quite a bit tighter than stock handguards, we recommend our handguard removal/installation tool as a good accessory to help with installation (available on our website – Part # HGD-TOOL). This photo shows the handguard set both assembled and with top & bottom halves separated. Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty from Mission First Tactical.


Mission First Handguard Set


Todd C

Todd J. Coons, Law Enforcement Sales Manager

What’s New in LE?

The month of February is off to a great start here at Windham Weaponry as Law Enforcement Sales have really taken off.

I had the opportunity to attend the Maine Chiefs of Police conference on February 7th that was held in South Portland, Maine. The event was a huge success as Chiefs from all around New England were in attendance. It was a great opportunity for me to meet so many of the Chiefs that I have been conducting business with and it was truly my pleasure.

I would like to thank the folks from the Maine Wardens Service for choosing Windham Weaponry once again for their second major purchase of rifles. The Maine Wardens just added 65 more Windham rifles to their force – making the total now of 125 Windham Weaponry rifles.

The Maine State Police have also placed their first order with Windham Weaponry and we are very pleased to have earned their business as well.

Our goal here at Windham Weaponry’s Law Enforcement Division is to get the rifles in the hands of those that need them to make the rest of us safe. No matter how big or small the agency is, we will always be there for them.

Be Safe

Todd J. Coons


Featured Employee: Jon Clark, Marketing Graphics ManagerJon Clark


Jon brings a career long background in graphics, advertising and printing to Windham Weaponry with 14 1/2 years of Bushmaster experience. Even before Bushmaster, Jon worked with Windham Weaponry’s owner, Richard Dyke for 4 years in Chipco – a custom gaming chip manufacturing operation – where he designed the images that went on casino chips worldwide.

With computer graphics and a photography studio, Jon creates Windham Weaponry’s catalogs, print ads, operating manuals, web imagery and descriptions, and the various marketing support pieces to get the Windham Weaponry story out to the public.

Beyond all that – which is fun in and of itself – Jon also enjoys shooting, fishing, snowshoeing, wood and metal working, and motorcycle restoration. He works out of his Cape Elizabeth home studio (about 25 miles from the WW plant in Windham). At home is wife Paddy, a golden retriever named Bear, and a couple fat sister cats named Leia and Eeyore. Jon keeps in regular contact with his two grown sons, Brian and Kevin, who live and work in Chicago and Seattle.

Jon urges all of Windham Weaponry’s friends and customers to send in photos of shooting with your WW rifles with hopes that we can incorporate them into ads, catalogs and website. Send them to: information@windhamweaponry.com    attention Marketing Dept. If we can use them we’ll be in touch!  Thanks…

Jon Shooting Jon - Striper Fishing

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