Make sure weapon is unloaded!  Wear safety glasses!

For those wishing to replace the stock trigger guard with an aftermarket trigger guard, here are instructions for removal of the stock triggerguard without damaging the lower receiver.

Removal of trigger guard roll pin must be done with careful support of the trigger guard ear. If you fail to do this the trigger guard ear will break off and is not repairable.

Here I have simply removed and replaced the stock trigger guard. Most aftermarket trigger guards are installed the same way but follow the instructions that come with whatever replacement you want to install.

Remove upper receiver from lower receiver by pushing in the rear takedown pin and front pivot pin.
Remove Pistol grip with a 3/16″ Allen wrench. Be careful not to lose the safety detent spring or safety detent.

Cut two small blocks of wood that are about 1″ thick and drill a hole in one of them. Position them as shown.

Place lower on the two blocks with the trigger guard roll pin over the hole in the block of wood as shown. Use pistol grip for support under the stock.

With a 1/8″ roll pin punch and a hammer slowly and carefully drive the roll pin out through the ears. Be sure to keep the punch nice and straight. Push it all the way out and into the hole in the block of wood.

Use the punch to push in the detent in the hole on the magwell side of the trigger guard and remove trigger guard. 

To reinstall, push detent in and replace in the magwell side trigger guard ear. Then replace the roll pin in the rear trigger guard ear.  It’s best to use a roll pin holder that holds a .130″ roll pin to start the roll pin into the hole. Be sure to keep the hole in the trigger guard lined up with the hole in the trigger guard ear.

With the 1/8″ punch slowly drive the roll pin in until it is flush with the outside of the trigger guard ear.

Replace pistol grip in reverse order of removal.