I’ve had a few e-mails recently from customers thinking their tele-stocks were broken as they would not adjust. One person broke the latch trying to move a permanently extended tele-stock from one of our Ban Compliant guns. Unfortunately not all people know what the laws regarding assault weapons are in their states and some gun dealers fail to inform them of these laws. If you live in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland* or New Jersey please note the following differences in the guns we manufacture for those states. Note: * Maryland is not a ban state, but does have a magazine restriction. Only magazines with capacity of 20 rounds or less are legal.

First, the permanently extended tele-stock. These are not adjustable and the length of pull cannot be changed as the receiver extension is longer than on an adjustable tele stock. These are not simply made out of adjustable stocks.

Top image above shows an adjustable tele-stock with recesses for the locking mechanism. Lower image shows the non-adjustable stock – no adjustment recesses on the receiver extension.

Second, the permanently attached muzzle brake. These are welded on and cannot be removed.

Third, NO Bayonet Lug:

Ban compliant models also are not supplied with 30 round magazines. They will have a 10 or 20 round magazine depending on the state they are intended for.

California Models

We also make models intended only for sales in California. For California, the only difference in the rifle is that they are required to have a “bullet button” magazine release installed and have a magazine that holds no more than 10 rounds for legality in that state. The law states that a tool is required for magazine removal. These models have a sleeve that replaces the magazine catch button that cannot be depressed. In order to remove the magazine a tool must be used to push in on the center of the sleeve where threaded end of the magazine catch comes through.

I have had rifles come back to me where it is stated in the notes “magazine catch does not work” and they are actually California models. I think sometimes California models accidentally get ordered through distributors for states other than California and that’s where this confusion comes in.