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Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC

By now anyone in law enforcement or who follows the news has heard of the AR lower receiver built and successfully tested using a 3-D printer. This technology uses an additive process where a polymer is built up into the shape you want. Since the lower receiver is the only part that legally constitutes the [...]

2017-01-02T22:42:31-05:00December 28th, 2013|Carbon Fiber, SRC|

SNEAK PEEK: Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC 5.56mm

Using carbon fiber technology, which produces a metal lighter than aluminum, the folks at Windham Weaponry have managed to build a rifle many ounces less heavier than the competition’s. The end product is the Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC (Sight Ready Carbine), an AR-15-style, direct gas impingement semi-auto chambered in 5.56mm and weighing just 5.85 [...]

2017-01-02T21:25:08-05:00September 7th, 2013|Carbon Fiber, SRC|
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