First make sure the weapon is unloaded!

Then remove the upper from the lower half of the rifle.

Using a 1/16″ Allen wrench, remove the bolt catch pin. A long straight Allen wrench as pictured is easiest, but you can also use a small L shaped Allen wrench as well.

Place the Phase 5 bolt release in the bolt catch slot and reinsert the bolt catch pin. Tighten down with the Allen wrench. You can also put a small drop of blue 242 Loctite on the threads to insure that the pin will not work loose over time.

Now by simply using your trigger finger you can release the bolt from the locked back position. This makes it very quick and easy to release the bolt after a magazine change without having to move the rifle from your target or your left hand from the handguard.

The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release for .308 is available on-line at through the link below, or in our catalog, or call Sales / Customer Service at: 1-808-855-1888


If you ever have questions about your rifle, you are always welcome to call Windham Weaponry Customer Service (Toll Free: 1-855-808-1888). Shoot Safely!