First make sure the rifle is unloaded!

With the chamber plug that came with the rifle or some other non-marring punch, push the magazine catch button in as far as it will go. Unscrew the magazine catch from the button and remove.

Put the Troy mag catch in the lower and screw the button in against the mag catch spring until you can’t turn the button any more. Then use the chamber plug again to push the button in as far as you can once again. Screw the new magazine catch in about 4 turns and release it back into slot in the lower.

The mag catch should be flush with the end of the button or just under as shown.

Now you can release a magazine easily using either your right or left hand by pushing on the button, or pushing on the serrated cam on the magazine catch.

Troy Ambidextrous Magazine Release is available online or call Sales / Customer Service at : 1-808-855-1888