Now and then I get the question “Is my flash hider or muzzle brake removable?”

The majority of rifles we build have removable A2 flash hiders but we also build rifles for states that have banned some features of modern sporting rifles. One of the banned features in those states is a flash hider or barrel threads that you can access. For those states we weld on a muzzle brake which is not removable.

Sometimes one of these rifles makes it to a state in which there is no law against having a flash hider and I am asked if the brake can simply be removed with a wrench. This cannot be done without professional gunsmithing to drill through the welds to get the pins out. If you put a wrench on the brake and force it off it will destroy the threads and also most likely put a stress ring in the bore at the muzzle that will destroy the barrel.

Here’s the difference between a removable flash hider and a brake.

This photo shows an A2 flash hider that is removable:

Here is a muzzle brake that is NOT removable:

We also make 14.5″ barrels that have welded flash hiders on them to make the overall length of the barrel 16″.
Under Federal law any barrel under 16″ is considered a short barreled rifle or “SBR” and you need a $200 tax stamp from the ATF to legally possess a rifle with a barrel under 16″
So our 14.5″ barrels we offer for commercial sale have flash hiders welded on them to bring them to the legal length of just over 16″. These flash hiders have to be non-removable to comply with Federal law regarding SBRs.

We make them with both Vortex Flash Hiders and extended A2 Flash Hiders:

Extended A2:

Note that all of these brakes and flash hiders are pinned and welded on both the top and the bottom

In the many years I’ve been repairing AR15s I’ve seen a lot of ruined barrels where people tried to remove a pinned and welded brake or flash hider. Before trying to remove one, be sure that it is not welded on.

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