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Mark Eliason, VP Sales & Marketing
More “Wow Factor”! …
This month we’re introducing another caliber in our new series of Windham Weaponry Arm Brace Pistols – the .223/5.56mm model. We showed you our .300 Blackout caliber version last month, and we also have the 7.62x39mm model. Other calibers will be unveiled soon, so “stay tuned”!
With its SB Tactical Pistol Arm Brace, this  9″ Barreled Pistol makes a striking impression. Add to that the 7″ Windham Weaponry Free-Float Railed Handguard, a Hogue Beavertail Pistol Grip, a set of Kriss Front & Rear Flip Sights and a Quick Detach Endplate with Quick Detach Sling Swivel for easy sling mounting, and you’ll see it’s accessorized to the max. More details are below, or on our website. 
Also notable in this 11th month, we hope you took time to recognize our Veterans in whatever way you choose. We get to interact with many different veterans – active and retired – in our line of business, and to a man and woman, you can’t find a finer group of people. Though in their humility, they may never seek attention for their work or look for thanks, they all deserve it. We salute and respect them all, and offer our country’s thanks for their tremendous commitment.
To see all our rifles and accessories, go to www.windhamweaponry.com   
or call us for a free catalog (1-855-808-1888) – We would love to hear from you.
As always, hunt and shoot safely, and feel free to contact us with any AR related questions.

This Month’s Feature Rifle:
Windham Weaponry RP9SFS-7 Pistol 




Caliber: .223 Rem. / 5.56mm NATO


Type:  Pistol, Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System
Weight/Length:  5.5 lbs. / 24.75″ overall
Magazine: 30 Rounds (Ships with one 30 Round Magazine)
Receivers: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Flat Top Upper. Lower has Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
Receiver Finish: Hardcoat Black Anodize Finish with Laser Engraved Caliber Marking
Bolt: Carpenter 158 Steel
Barrel:  9″ Medium Profile with Melonite QPQ Finish and A2 Flash Suppressor
Barrel Material: 4150M Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel
Rifling: 1 x 7″ Right Hand Twist

Receiver Tube: Fitted with SB Tactical Pistol Arm Brace

Forend: 7″ Windham Weaponry Free-Float Railed Handguard

Pistol Grip: Hogue Beavertail Pistol Grip

Rear Sight: Kriss Polymer Rear Flip Sight
Front Sight: Kriss Polymer Front Flip Sight
Includes: Lockable Hard Plastic Gun Case, Full Color Operators Manual, Transferable Lifetime Warranty
MSRP: $1254.00
See your local FFL Dealer to purchase.


If you ever have questions about your rifle, please feel free to call
Windham Weaponry Customer Service (Toll Free: 1-855-808-1888). Shoot Safely!


Erik at his bench
Erik Winter, Windham Weaponry Gunsmith


Choosing the Proper Front Sight Post




This month I want to cover Front Sight Posts. Here at Windham Weaponry we use standard front sight bases on all rifles – with a full front sight base rather than the taller “F” marked (.040″ taller) front sight bases.  Most of our rifles that come with a carry handle and full front sight base use a commercial carry handle and a standard A2 height front sight post. The commercial carry handle is .040″ shorter than a mil-spec carry handle in order to index properly with a standard front sight base.

Now if you want to remove the carry handle and use a rear flip sight, it is usually necessary to switch out the A2 front sight post for a .040″ taller front sight post because most rear flip sights on the market are at mil-spec height. It’s not always necessary as the specs of rear flip sights can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. But if you install a rear flip sight and find you have to wind the front sight post out too far to get the rifle to zero, then you should install the .040″ taller post.

Now with our Dissipator rifles – which have a rifle length sight radius but a 16″ carbine length barrel – we install .040″ taller front sight posts on these with the commercial spec carry handle. The long sight radius with the carbine length barrel makes this combination necessary to zero the rifle to the proper elevation.
What this means for Dissipator owners is that if you install a rear flip sight (or a mil-spec carry handle) it will most likely be necessary to install a .060″ taller front sight post to get the rifle zeroed correctly and not have the front sight post screwed out too far.

We have all three front sight posts available to help get your rifle on target and we also have a very handy sight tool. This tool makes changing out front sight posts a breeze and is very handy for zeroing the rifle.

Here’s a Dissipator with a rear flip installed and the front sight post changed out to a .060″ taller post






If you ever have questions about your rifle, you are always welcome to call Windham Weaponry Customer Service (Toll Free: 1-855-808-1888). Shoot Safely!


Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager



This Month’s Question is:
I’d like to change the flash hider or muzzle brake on my rifle.  What is the thread pitch on my Windham Weaponry rifle?




Our rifles with the barrel stamped WW  5.56 1/9 or WW 5.56 1/7  have a 1/2″ x 28 T.P.I. thread pitch.
Our rifles with the barrel stamped WW 450 Bushmaster 1/24 have a 11/16″ x 24 T.P.I. thread pitch.
Our rifles with the barrel stamped WW 308 1/10, WW 762 x 39 1/9.5,  WW 300 BLACKOUT 1/7 and 6.5 Creedmoor1/8 have a 5/8″ x 24 T.P.I. thread pitch.
Our rifles with the barrel stamped WW 9mm 1/10 have a 1/2 ” x 36 T.P.I. thread pitch.


Please Note:  Our NJ compliant models have a pinned and welded muzzle brake which is permanently installed.  We do not recommend attempting to remove muzzle brakes on those models as it may damage the barrel.









Matt Hasty, Retail Sales Manager



Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader


Price: $34.95



The Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader is constructed of black polymer. This magazine loader is military quality, and works with both single and double stack magazines in caliber 9mm though .45ACP. It also loads most .380ACP single and double-stack mags, and 1911 mags. The UpLULA loader self-adjusts to the magazine and loads it easily, painlessly, and reliably. No adjustments, inserts or spacers are needed. With this loader, magazines can be loaded in 1/3 the time of conventional loading. This means by using the Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader, you can spend more time shooting and less time loading your magazines – a great time saver for all pistol shooters. Made by Maglula, Ltd.

This is a great compliment to our Multi Caliber Rifle System #4 and our Bug Out Bag because they both contain a 9mm option.  To get more information on them, click the links below.


Want to Order? or If You Have Questions? 
Call Customer Service / Sales  1-855-808-1888



In this Section, we encourage our customers & friends to send us their comments, photos and experiences with Windham Weaponry products. What are you doing with your Windham?



We got a nice letter and target group photo from one of our Veterans this month:



Good Afternoon,
I shoot competitively with the All Guard Rifle and Pistol Team (National Guard).
I purchased a Gov’t. Model and a Vex Upper a couple years ago and use the Gov’t. model as a training rifle for the combat related matches that I compete in.
I have functioned as the Nebraska State Marksmanship Coordinator for several years and our Team Coach, as well as a shooter. I surely won’t claim to be an expert, but will claim to be a better than average rifle shooter.
Hate to admit, just getting the Vex upper cleaned up and scoped to shoot it. I should not have put it off for as long as I did……it is quite a shooter.
I do quite a bit of coyote calling……this will get used to bust them!!
Nice work on your part!
COL Todd Stevens
Nebraska Army National Guard
COL Stevens added these notes right on the target image he sent.:
“I have been shooting the Gov’t. Model quite a bit, and it will hold MOA to about 1.25 MOA shooting regular green tip ammo. It works pretty well! The group in the photo was shot after about a 30 round “break-in” on the VEX Upper. This 5 shot group was shot at 100 yards with a Weaver 4-16x Classic Scope set on 12x. Ammo – straight M855 green tip (LC). I have shot additional groups of similar size rather consistently. It shoots handloaded 65 gr. Sierre SBTs into little clusters like this also. Pretty decent! Nice job on putting this upper together! Guess I will have to keep it.




Care to share your Windham Weaponry related experiences and photos? 



Todd J. Coons, VP Law Enforcement & International Sales


I would like to announce that Windham Weaponry and Windham Indoor Shooting Range and Retail Store will be hosting a Law Enforcement and Military Appreciation day on December 6th, 2017! If you are active or retired Law Enforcement /Military you are welcome to join us. I know for many of you traveling to Maine in December is a gamble with the weather and all, but I can say it would be worth the trip if you take the chance.
Please be sure to RSVP us regarding this event.



If you have questions on the event, please contact Cindy Thompson or myself, Todd J. Coons, at the emails below:



             Cthompson@windhamweaponry.com      or     Tcoons@windhamweaponry.com


Stay safe out there, 
Todd J. Coons
Vice President, Law Enforcement & International Sales 



We at Windham Indoor Shooting Range and Retail Store wish to provide an enjoyable shooting experience. One of the services we offer is personalized private lessons. Whether you have never fired a gun before or are already an experienced shooter, we can tailor the lesson to your needs and ability. We have NRA certified instructors ready to work with you.
Please call 207-892-0274 to schedule a lesson.
Every Thursday now through December, we are having our Fall Shooting League. Each week will bring a different course of fire. The courses are designed to help you increase your skills and get you to think on your feet. They are open to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced shooters. Bring your own gear or rent ours. We have three categories: Pistol, Carbine, and Carbine/Pistol transition. Gear used includes Pistol and/or Carbine, Holster, Magazine Pouch(s), Sling for Carbine, 3 Magazines for Pistol and/or Carbine, 3 Speedloaders for 6 shot Revolvers, hand held flashlight and/or weapon mounted flashlight. Ear and Eye protection is available if you don’t have your own.
Times run from 11 am to 1 pm and 3:30 pm to 7 pm. Round count for each week will be 24 rounds unless otherwise specified. You will generally have enough time to go through twice, but remember the first time is for score.
These will be fun and as challenging as you want them to be. Participants will be able to go through at their own pace and scores will be posted so you can see how you improve over this 14 week cycle.
As always, our instructors will be there to give advice and coach you on improving your shooting as well as suggestions for employing good tactics.
The cost is $14 for one gun and $20 for two. Feel free to come watch to see if this is something you would enjoy participating in.
For more details on all that the
Windham Indoor Shooting Range & Retail Store
has to offer every day, see:
The Windham Indoor Shooting Range, where “Training Begins at the Door.”
999 Roosevelt Trail / Windham, Maine 04062 / Tel.: 207-892-0274
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