Vol. 6 / Issue #1 / Jan. 2017

Mark Eliason, VP Sales & Marketing
As we roll into the New Year, we look forward to all sorts of new challenges and agendas. One major way the Firearms Industry does this is through the gigantic "meet & greet" known as SHOT Show. This mega trade show, though only open to Firearms Industry Manufacturers, Distributors, FFL Dealers, Manufacturer’s Representatives, Media and NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) members, is still one of the nation’s largest trade shows and a major marketing kick-off for the new year. It will be held next week at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas again.
If you’ll be attending, please stop at Booth #10376 to see our new rifles, or just to say hello! We look forward to seeing you! 
Of interest to our Maine friends, shooters and customers is that Windham Weaponry will be donating an Electroless Nickel/Pepper VEX Rifle to the Maine Professional Guides Association (MPGA) for their April 8th Banquet and Auction

The MPGA is an organization of approximately 1200 Registered Maine Guides with the purpose of protecting our State’s long standing heritage of fishing, hunting,and recreation in the outdoors, as well as ensuring professional and ethical business practices within the Guiding industry. See their website at www.maineguides.org for more information on bidding for this rifle and other auction packages.

It won’t be long before Spring Varmint Hunting Season comes around, and we have the perfect "do-all" rifle for that – our .300 Blackout. Accuracy, reliability, long range, light weight and perfect balance – this rifle has it all. See details below in this month’s Feature Gun.

To see all our rifles and accessories, go to  www.windhamweaponry.com   
Or, call us for a free catalog (1-855-808-1888) – we’d love to hear from you.
As always, hunt and shoot safely, and feel free to contact us with any AR related questions.

This Month’s Feature Rifle:
Windham Weaponry 300 Blackout

Model: R16SFSDHHT-300
MSRP: $1680.00

Caliber: 300 Blackout / 7.62x35mm
Weight/Length: 6.95 lbs without magazine / 37.25" (34" with Telestock collapsed)

Type:  Rifle, Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System
Magazine: 30 Rounds (ships with one 30 Round magazine) Accepts all std. sizes
Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 aluminum flat top upper receiver with Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
Receiver Finish: Hardcoat Black Anodize Finish with Laser Engraved Caliber Markings
Bolt:  Carpenter 158 Steel
Barrel:  16" Medium Profile, Chrome Lined with Diamondhead "T" Muzzle Brake
Barrel Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E Steel with M4 Feedramps
Rifling: 1 x 7" Right Hand Twist
Stock: Hogue 6-Position Telescoping Buttstock / Q.D. Socket Endplate

Forend: Diamondhead VRS-T 13.5" Free Float Forend / 2 Q.D Sling Swivels included

Pistol Grip: Hogue Beavertail Pistol Grip

Rear Sight: None – Ready for optics or other type accessory sights
Front Sight: None – Handguard Rail Ready for accessory sights
Includes: Lockable hard plastic case, black web sling, Full Color Operators Manual, Transferable Lifetime Warranty
See your local FFL Dealer to purchase.

Erik at his bench
Erik Winter, Windham Weaponry Gunsmith

TOPIC: Properly Installing the AR Pistol Grip

I know for many this seems like a pretty easy task, and it is, but I wanted to run through it because of a common mistake people make. I have seen this dozens of times in my years of working on AR15s. Someone sends a rifle in and the action is locked up solid. It won’t fire and nothing moves. Then I take the hammer and trigger out of the lower and see this:

What you are looking at is the top part of the pistol grip screw hole where it comes through the bottom of the inside of the receiver. The crumpled up spring is the Safety Detent Spring. 

What happens is someone buys an aftermarket pistol grip and removes the stock pistol grip to install it, and the safety detent spring falls out. Sometimes the safety detent is also lost. They assume the spring must have fallen out of the screw hole so they put the screw in the hole and screw the new pistol grip on. Then they find the safety flops around and the action is locked up.

So here is the proper way to disassemble and reassemble a pistol grip:

With a 3/16" T-Handle Allen Wrench, remove the pistol grip screw and washer.
Keep receiver upside down on a table as shown as you remove the pistol grip.

Note above the safety detent spring and its proper placement in the safety detent hole.

Remove pistol grip. Note the gold safety detent in the hole. This is why it’s best to keep the receiver upside down so this does not fall out.

This is the hole in the pistol grip where the safety detent spring goes.
And here are all the parts.
Sometimes the pistol grip washer is stuck up inside the pistol grip. If it is just poke it out through the top of the screw hole in the pistol grip.


If the replacement grip does not come with its own screw, use the factory screw for installation of the new pistol grip. If it comes with its own screw be sure to use the screw that comes with it. Some grips have a different thickness inside and may require a longer or shorter screw than the stock screw. Also some pistol grip screws use a slotted screw instead of an Allen screw so a screwdriver is required for reinstallation.
Reinstall the grip in the reverse order above. When you put the safety detent spring in its proper holes press the grip down and hold it on. This will line the screw up at the proper angle for reinstallation and you will not cross thread the screw.

Note:  Our .308 rifles have two springs that the grip holds in. Along with the safety detent spring, the spring for that holds tension against the detent for the takedown pin is also in this area. The difference being that the spring is smaller than the safety detent spring and is inserted in the hole in the receiver, there is no hole in the grip for this spring. Keep in mind that there is a detent in that hole that you don’t want to lose. Also when installing the pistol grip make sure you are careful to compress that spring straight down and not to let it bend out between the receiver and the pistol grip.

As a reminder, all of our accessory items can be installed here at the factory if you don’t want to attempt installations on your own. There is no labor charge for these installations. You pay only for the part and for shipping the rifle or receiver to Windham Weaponry and back. Just call Windham Weaponry Customer Service at 1-855-808-1888 to set it up.

If you ever have questions about your rifle, you are always welcome to call Windham Weaponry Customer Service (Toll Free: 1-855-808-1888). Shoot Safely!

Cheryl Eliason, Customer Service Manager

We receive a variety of customer service related questions from our customers, and in order to better serve all of you, highlight one question each month.

This month’s question is:
I recently purchased a Windham rifle. I did not receive the chamber plug/tool with the gun. How can I get one of these?

We ship all of our rifles with a chamber plug/tool. Once the rifle is test fired, before it goes over to our inspection station, and then on to our packing and shipping area, the Chamber Plug is inserted.
Your dealer may have removed it when unpacking the rifle. You can request a replacement by calling us toll free at 1-855-808-1888 or email us at information@windhamweaponry.com with your name, address and serial number of the rifle. We will mail out a replacement for you.



Matt Hasty, Retail Sales Manager

Windham Weaponry Free Floating Handguards for our Aluminum Receiver Rifles

PART  #: HGD-WW-7 – $134.95      (7 inch length)
PART  #: HGD-WW-13 – $144.95    (13 inch length)
PART  #: HGD-WW-15 – $154.95    (15 inch length)

Windham Weaponry has developed this quality, Mil Std 1913 railed, M-LOK compatible forend for our standard aluminum receiver rifles (we also offer a version for our Carbon Fiber receiver rifles). These are 100% CNC machined from American made 6063 aluminum extrusions to exacting tolerances, then hard coat black anodized to Mil SPEC 8625. They are machined for maximum weight reduction while retaining rigidity and strength, and the top Picatinny rail is manufactured to MIL STD 1913. The M-LOK system mounting points are manufactured to Magpul mechanical specifications to ensure perfect fit with all Magpul accessories. Built-in Q.D. Sling Swivel pockets at 3:00 & 9:00 forward positions on the hand guard offer convenient mounting for your sling of choice. The American made Barrel Nut is 100% CNC machined of 4140 pre heat-treated steel (28 to 32 Rockwell hardness), drilled for weight reduction, and black nitrite finished (a QPQ corrosion resistant finish). These handguards feature the Windham Weaponry logo engraved into side panels. Available in 7 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch in lengths.

Want to Order? or If You Have Questions? 
Call Customer Service / Sales  1-855-808-1888

Todd J. Coons, VP Law Enforcement & International Sales

Hard to believe that we are into 2017! So you all know what that means? I will be attending SHOT Show again this year from January 15th to January 21st. We’ll be in Booth # 10376, so please come by and check out the NEW additions to the Windham Weaponry line. 
We are also very excited about our brand new website that will up and running very soon. So please be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. 
For some Departments and Agencies out there with the New Year comes new money. Please keep in mind if you have rifles, AR15/M16, that are in need of repair we have ALL the parts you would need to make them like new again. We have deep discounts for Law Enforcement Departments and Agencies, so please reach out to Cindy or me for pricing. 
Also if your department would like us to do the work, just let us know. If you buy the replacement parts and accessories from us we will do the work for you for FREE. You would pay to ship the rifles to us and back but there would be NO CHARGE for us to make the changes/repairs to your rifles.
PLEASE reach out to my assistant Cindy Thompson – or me – in order to give us the opportunity to earn your business.  Cthompson@windhamweaponry.com  or me, Todd, at  Tcoons@windhamweaponry.com 

We would LOVE to work with you.

Stay safe out there, 
Todd J. Coons
Vice President, Law Enforcement & International Sales 


Karen Fogarty – Newsletter Editor

In this Section, we encourage our customers & friends to send us their comments, photos and experiences with Windham Weaponry products. What are you doing with your Windham?


A very Happy New Year to all of our readers! After some time away to get well, I am very happy to be back as our newsletter Editor and look forward to hearing from you as we go forward into 2017. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you who sent prayers, good thoughts and well wishes my way while I was recovering. Such caring makes a huge and positive impact!

Thank you all for being a part of the Windham Weaponry family, for following and supporting us as we continue to grow, and for sharing your feedback and pictures of your own WW rifles. I invite you to continue to share your opinions, comments and personal stories about how you enjoy your WW rifle.

To send items, please email:  newsletter@windhamweaponry.com   We look forward to hearing from you!


We’ve just completed a first – and very successful – year of operation here at  

We want to thank our friends and customers for all your support.

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!

We have instituted new Rates and Membership Packages

Individual Membership:
Individual pays $260 a year and pays a $12 range fee per visit. Member’s guest pays $9.
Additional Benefits:
* $40 each additional family member
* 10% off ammo
* 10% off training courses (does not apply to Utah Carry or Pepper Spray Courses)
* 10% off transfers
* 4 guest passes a year
* Reservations
* Eye & Ear Protection
* Member email notification of Specials & Events
Member Express Check-In

Patriot Membership:
Individual pays $375 a year for unlimited range visits without paying range fees. Member’s guest pays $9.                               
Additional Benefits:
* $50 each additional family member
* 10% off ammo
* 10% off training courses (does not apply to Utah Carry or Pepper Spray Courses)
* 2 Free transfers a year
* 4 guest passes a year
* Reservations
* Eye & Ear Protection
* Member email notification of specials & events
* Member Express Check-In

Centurion Membership:
Individuals that are active or retired public safety officials (LE, FF, EMS) or anyone who served or is serving in the military
pay $275 a year for unlimited range visits without paying range fees. Member’s guest pays $9. Must present an ID for proof of service.
Additional Benefits:
* $40 each additional family member
* 10% off ammo
* 10% off training courses (does not apply to Utah Carry or Pepper Spray Courses)
* 10% off transfers
* 4 guest passes a year
* Reservations
* Eye & Ear Protection
* Member email notification of specials & events
* Member Express Check-In

Seasonal Membership:
Individual pays $75 for a 3 month membership and pays a $12 range fee per visit, guest pays $9.    
Additional Benefits:
* $30 each additional family member
* 10% off ammo
* 10% off training courses (does not apply to Utah Carry or Pepper Spray Courses)
* 10% off transfers
* 4 guest passes a year
* Reservations
* Eye & Ear Protection
* Member email notification of specials & events
* Member Express Check-In

One Customer in Stall: $20 per day. Half hour Rate is $12 per hour.
No more than 2 Customers per Stall: $20.00 per day for 1st Person. $15.00 for 2nd Person sharing Stall.
Active or Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, EMS, Military Service with ID – $15.00 per hour.
Transfer Fee – $35.00 / Class III – $125.00 

The Windham Indoor Shooting Range
where "Training Begins at the Door."

For complete information see:  www.windhamindoorshootingrange.com
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